White Rabbit's 5 Year Anniversary Will Be One For The Books [12th Planet & gLAdiator]

January 28, 2015 -

Daily Beat Staff

When it comes to the EDM club scene in Southern California most people immediately think of Los Angeles.  I mean why not?  With the millions of people living in the city and the overload of venues it’s easy to find any old party any day of the week.  In a way it begins to feel like you’re just dollar signs to promoters, and the talent becomes so unrecognizable you swear the opening DJ is that guy who delivered you pizza last week.  But if you take a trip south down the 5 freeway into Orange County there is a company there that is changing the rules of the game, and it’s no longer a secret.  This Thursday White Rabbit Group will be celebrating their five year anniversary with Strytllr, Vindata, Gladiator, and fresh off of taking Exchange to another galaxy, 12th Planet.  And all of this excitement comes just a week after Branchez tore the roof of the Yost in front of a sold out crowd.  Five years in this industry is truly a test of wills and strengths; obviously not everyone makes it but those that do are obviously doing something right.

When asked about how it felt to make it five years CEO of White Rabbit Group, Brandon Owen had this to say “for a company that started with no real connections and negative money in our bank account, throwing a 5 year anniversary with artists like Gladiator and 12th Planet is a pretty far journey and I'm grateful for all of it, even more so to share that feeling with the people that helped build White Rabbit Group. They've become friends and family to me."

The LA natives Daniel Goodman and Ian Johnson, also known as Gladiator are bringing their energetic genre bending style to the Yost in what should be an absolute wall shaking set.  Gladiator has worked with Sleepy Tom; however their most popular collabs have been with LOUDPVCK.  We can probably expect a GLADPVCK track or two in their set.  Last year Gladiator played at Insomniac’s Nocturnal Wonderland and it was easily one of the most memorable sets over those two days.  But the night doesn’t stop there as special guest headliner 12th Planet brings that bass from outer space directly to the OC.  John Dadzie aka 12th Planet and his influential label, SMOG are credited by many for bringing bass music we all love so much stateside from Britain.  We all owe Mr. Dadzie a big thank you.  Recently called by Rolling Stone Magazine the “Los Angeles Dubstep God” you can bet that 12th Planet will turn the Yost into a house of bass worship.

You can get your tickets to the most badass birthday party here

Written by LA contributor Dillon Turnquist.

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