Talal Talks On His Where The Heart Is Debut With 'Lorean,' His Evolution, & More [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

March 30, 2023 -

Justin Angle

Hailing from London, DJ-producer hybrid Talal has made a thrilling return with his new single, “Lorean”. Packed with spellbinding synths and unique sound design, the track marks his first release on the well-known imprint, Where The Heart Is.

It is a massive change in direction for Talal, who pivots from his usual club-friendly style. However, “Lorean” radiates a very intimate and soothing aura that is just as enticing as Talal's other originals. With an upcoming feature in DJ Mag Spain, we were fortunate enough to also get the chance to talk with Talal about “Lorean” and other aspects of his project.

Check out Daily Beat's exclusive interview with Talal and “Lorean” below:

Daily Beat: Can you tell us about your latest release on David Hohme's record label Where The Heart Is and what inspired it?

Talal: I liked working on these sounds but couldn't exactly figure out a genre per se, but the melody and sound design felt old and new at the same time. I spent time removing a lot of audio stems until I was just with a few items that I liked.

DB: What do you look for in a record label when signing with them?

Talal: There are a variety of types of relationships that develop with various labels, some of which could perhaps be too large and can feel a bit like a conveyor belt. However, some have good capabilities and a more modest roster size. I find in that setup, both the artist and the label take steps towards developing one another. Generally, these days, if I see or am in talks with something that is of interest, in terms of events, artists, or promo methods, I will usually flag any of these items. Then, I mention it to certain labels and event people, depending on the relevance, geography, plan, etc.

DB: How does Lorean differ from your usual style of music?

Talal: In 2015 I did my own self-released LP. It was lower bpm and more focused on an electronica sound, so for me, it's been some time coming to revisit that area. Items for this year are signed to D-Formation's Beatfreak label, John 00 Fleming's JOOF, the French festival Family Piknik label, and potentially with an Istanbul-based event/label/PR outfit Future Forward—amongst other demos still making the rounds. So there is a range of genres and label areas.

DB: How do you balance experimenting with new sounds and staying true to your style as an artist?

Talal: I find having the discipline to let go of sounds used and try to develop new components is a good step, it takes some discipline but that way you ensure you are moving along. Although it can be within my comfort zone to revisit old sounds and just slightly edit and reprocess, which I do from time to time but try not to remain in that for long.

DB: Can you walk us through your creative process when producing Lorean?

Talal: I think I had too many sounds/ideas I was working with, therefore I tried to keep removing items until I was left with my favorite sounds. Even though that may make things simplistic, it also means each sound was strong in its own right.

DB: How do you balance your artistic vision with the demands of the music industry and your fans?

Talal: I try to focus on writing, what is eventually released onto specific labels only reflects a percentage of what is going on in the writing and testing phase. Without mentioning names, I can say that the bulk of my material is being tested by a number of major headliners and labels from the melodic house/techno, indie dance, and progressive house genres. There is a good variety of testing and I try to see that as a sign that the music writing has a broader appeal. I think a focus on quality rather than type, is a better path for the wider audience.


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