[INTERVIEW] Kidnap Kid Celebrates 1 Year of his Label 'Birds That Fly' @ The BPM Festival

January 19, 2017 -

Ashlyn Fulton

Kidnap Kid is a UK-based producer DJ that has been killing the house game for years, but we caught up with him farrrr across the pond at The BPM Festival in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico.

As all the artists on the week's line up, he played a couple of different parties: Saturday with Gorgon City - almost not making it due to being caught up in the Fort Lauderdale airport shooting - and the Repopulate Mars party at Canibal Royal Beach Club, where his beautifully composed beach-y house set mixed with some tribal influences set the perfect tone for the daytime party, playing before artists such as Lee Foss, Patrick Topping and Anabel Englund.



DB: So you have been here since Saturday, and you played with Gorgon City, how was that?

It was good fun, we were over at the Blue Parrot.

DB: I wanted to make it but my flight got super delayed.

Yeah, I nearly missed it because I was delayed. I was in Fort Lauderdale airport when the shooting happened. I was meant to be here on Friday but I was locked in the airport for like 8 hours. It was gnarly but our travel plans were majorly fucked.

DB: Wow, you were there?! Well, obviously you are okay but did you see anything go down?

We could just hear things, we couldn't see anything, But we sat on the runway for like 4 hours with SWAT running around.

DB: You were on a plane when it happened?

No, we were in the terminal but some guy busted open the door and we all sprinted out onto the runway. It was gnarly.

DB: Holy shit, well I am glad you are okay. Have you been touring a lot before coming here?

Yea, so I was in the states for New Years and in the Bahamas just for some time in between that and this just to chill out. Then I go to Holy Ship in the morning.

DB: 9.0! It will be your first time playing, how exciting. Now, it's about the one-year anniversary of your record label, Birds That Fly.

Yep, amost exactly one year.

DB: How's the first year been?

Good, it's been a learning curve. Definitely just half of me signing stuff and releasing other people's music but it's been great.

DB: It's definitely the move for a lot of artists. I mean, you guys know how it works.

Yeah, exactly. You get to just run the shop; you don't have to wait on other people's schedules and all that sort of thing. I find the whole process of releasing music via my own label much more gratifying.

DB: What's your recruitment process like and how do you choose who is releasing music on your label?

It is a very vague process. Nothing written down yet. It's just stuff I feel fills the gaps between my releases and makes musical sense. So, I've been trying to do that rather than finding who is the hot guy to put out on the label. That's been the plan so far.

kidnap kid

DB: You just did a remix of Moby, Natural Blues. That's pretty huge.

Yea, so before I hit him up, when Moments came out, the track I started the label with, out of the blue I was like 'I wonder what Moby is doing.' So I emailed his management and was like 'Would Moby be up for remixing Moments?'  They got back and were like 'He loves it.' And I was kind of joking but if they wanted to go with it, great. And then 6 months later I emailed to see what was going on. About 8 months go by and they're like, 'Actually he's too busy, he's not going to do it but you can remix one of his tracks if you'd like.' So, that is how that came about. He did a little flip-a-roo on me and I ended up remixing him. Which I am still really happy with but I didn't get that damn remix from him.

DB: One day! What about your Broken Hearted EP. How's the reaction to that been?

It's been good. That was like...

DB: Back in November.

Yeah, it's been great but I think that DJ's are more reluctant to play it because it's a bit of a dance floor curveball. So it's not like a ton of people are playing it but I got a lot of love online for it and I'm happy.

DB: What makes BPM special to you?

So, I am staying down the road in Tulum and it's like I can take the day off and hang on the beach, you've got the jungle right there and you go out to all these beautiful restaurants. It's not like the typical festival experience. Especially the UK festival experience where I'm trudging through the mud and there is shit weather. Here you can take yourself away to this beautiful area, go in and out of the parties that you choose. So it is really nice to have those two worlds. That's why I like it so much here.

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