[Exclusive] AC Slater talks about Holy Ship, Night Bass, and Collabs

June 18, 2015 -

Joe Nguyen

If you backtrack to a month ago, it was around this time that Mysteryland USA and EDC NY was happening. While both festivals drew thousands of people, Girls & Boys took the time to introduce their "Booth Sessions" concept. It turned the grand ballroom of the club into a intimate setting found in clubs like Verboten or Output. The stage was closed off and the DJ booth was pulled more towards the dance floor. The bill for that night boasted talented acts such as AC Slater, Shiba San, Hunter Sigel, and Worthy. We caught up with AC Slater after his set and see what the Night Bass maestro was up to!

So the last time we saw you was over at Holy Ship during your Night Bass party during the last night of the ship. Where is the Night Bass name going now and days?

As of now we’re expanding, doing a bunch of festivals and a lot of crazy stuff over the next year. We’re still doing our monthly party in L.A but the biggest thing in my opinion is launching Night Bass Records at the end of June. 

Is the label going to consist of people pushing the popular bass house sound forward? 

 The label is going to be composed of a lot of people that inspire me as well as those who are really pushing the Night Bass sound forward. Night Bass is more so a blanket term for trendy and not so trendy genres. 

On Holy Ship you guys had your own party with a pretty amazing turnout even though you guys were competing with the Kaskade and Skrillex back to back set.

 It was pretty dope having our party on the ship. I love HARD and Holy Ship. It was amazing to do that and you really feel the family connection with the staff, attendees, and DJs. We actually have plans for Holy Ship next year but we’ll reveal that when the time comes.

You also premiered your collaboration track with Tchami during your set! Any words on a release date for it? 

I don’t really know to be honest. It’s actually coming out on Tchami’s next EP. Last he told me, they were closing a release date. It kinda sucks because I really want it to come out! We’re definitely going to work on more music in the future. 

So what is next for the AC Slater project?

I actually just got signed to OWSLA and I’m releasing a EP on their label. No tentative release date on it yet though. Before that I have a lot of stuff being released and a joint EP with Sinden! I’ve been sitting on so much music that I can’t wait to show everyone. 

You’ve been favorite of Girls and Boys for a while! What’s one of your fondest memories from all the times you’ve played for them?

Probably last year when I played at their sister club Slake. 12th Planet came through and we just started going back to back! We played a mixture of rap, house, dubstep, and trap. It’s definitely one of the nights that stand out for me just because of how hot the room got and the amazing feedback the crowd was giving us! 


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