10 Magical Moments at Mysteryland USA

June 12, 2015 -

Ashlyn Fulton

This year marked the 2nd chapter of Mysteryland Music and Arts Festival in the states and it's become apparent that it's not going anywhere anytime soon. It is establishing a reputation of acceptance and diversity not just because of the abundance of various artists and genres, but through the nomads that occupy the grounds as well. Here are 10 magical moments we captured at Mysteryland USA:

1. Mythical Creatures at the Owari No Nai Stage


While exploring the extensive, sprawling grounds of Bethel Woods, I noticed an abundance of amazing costumes and looks. At the Owari No Nai culture stage, we happened upon this colorful, bubble-blowing mythical creature.

2. Mysteryland Nomads Making a Wave in the Giant TV Set on Festival Grounds


Another hidden gem found while exploring Bethel Woods, this hand-crafted, giant TV set sparked the interest of many Mysteryland nomads. This particular ground found it exciting!

3. Defying the Festival Norm With a Swing-set Carousel


Though most festivals employ the use of a Ferris wheel, Mysteryland USA changed it up by having a swing carousel instead. The line for this ride was almost always long - and rightly so. It brought unlimited smiles to those who took a ride!

4. Holy Ground Camping


Whether it was popping back in for a refresher or heading back for the night, Holy Ground camping served as a home-away-from-home to those who slumbered for the weekend. Many campers even decorated their sites, showing off their creativity and making them feel right at home.

5. Confetti at the Main Stage

There is no greater view than thousands of fans dancing their hearts out with confetti cannons going off from each direction.

6. Dressed to Impress

Nomads throughout the grounds show off their unique styles in the form of attire and outrageous totems.

7. The Webster Hall Stage

Webster Hall did an amazing job on their curated stage. The residents, Alex English, Dali, and Hiyawatha kicked it off and then featured such artists as Mija, Anna Lunoe, and Klingande. The majority of nomads at this stage were loyal to it - they stayed there all day and night!

8. Goldfish Draws a Crowd

These South African dudes stir up the audience earlier in the day with their live performance, alternating between 4 instruments EACH!

9. Billie Bringing a Powerful and Emotional Voice to Netsky's Live Set

Billie is the featured singer in Netsky's live band (as well as the featured artist on his single "We Can Only Live Today"). She put a beautiful, personal touch on an already powerful set.

10. Grand Final Fireworks with Holy Ground Camping in the Distance

The grand finale fireworks were somewhat the cherry on top of a great weekend. Though saddened that this incredible festival was coming to an end, the fireworks brought one last pang of joy before everything came to an end... until next year, that is.

Written by Ashlyn Fulton and Jo Taylor

Photos by Jo Taylor Photography and OPE Photography


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