May 9, 2013 -

Ashlyn Fulton

Where can you find some of the filthiest dubstep known to man today, you may ask. Well, when Canadian bass master Excision, Downlink, and drummer KJ Sawka teamed up to created DESTROID, that’s exactly what you got. We’ve been talking about this trio for the past few months and now their debut album, “The Invasion,” has finally been released! This 10-track album not only features the whomping bass that we are used to with Excision, but a hip-hop infused track called “Put it Down” featuring the epic works of legendary Bassnectar! Besides him, this album also features the sounds of artists Far Too Loud, Space Laces, Ajapai, and vocalist Messinian. There is a massive track produced with Space Laces that gives the album more of an electro/moombahton feel called “Funk Hole”. This entire album makes you feel like you’re in the depths of outer space where The EXECUTIONER is your space station and any sort of alien invasion is possible. With such an amazing bass collaboration in tact here, and bringing in so many other talented artists, we cannot wait to catch these guys in action this summer! Their stage set-up will be like nothing you’ve ever seen before. This will be a live Dubstep band complete with Excision and Downlink on custom MIDI guitars and KJ Sawka rocking a custom digital drum set. Check out the list below of festivals they will be tearing up this summer and be sure to get The Invasion on iTunes or Beatport now!

May 31- The Warfield in San Francisco

June 8- Moonrise Festival in Baltimore

June 9- Orion Music + More Festival in Detroit

July 11-13- Camp Bisco in Albany

~XOXO abRAVEgirls

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