EXCISION: Interview & Review @ Best Buy Theater 3/14/13

March 21, 2013 -

Ashlyn Fulton

With our X’s held high, we can now die happy and content. This was the kind of night we have been waiting for all year long! 100,000 watts of the dirtiest Dubstep in, what we would say is, the best venue in NYC: the Best Buy Theater. And to top it off, we had a few words with the bass master about his tour and upcoming projects.

As we meandered around trying to locate our rave family, we raged to Paper Diamond’s Trap and Electro jams before taking a moment to chill and collect ourselves in the stadium seating located a couple of levels up from the main dance floor.

DB: How has it been being on tour with Paper Diamond and Vaski?

X: "Paper Diamond and Vaski were both at the top of my list for openers this year and I’m very happy that we got both of them. Little did I know they have nearly the same full name, they are both Alex B! Weird. Vaski has been Rottun since the early days and has made a huge contribution to the shaping of dubstep. Paper Diamond is the perfect guy to play right before me as he has such a good vibe to his tunes with a strong energy to them, but not quite as over the top as my sets usually are."

Once the music cut and we realized it was only a matter of minutes before the legendary Excision had the stage, we took advantage of the media pass we had acquired and headed up to the VIP area. With the perfect spot to take photos and surrounded by people our own age, this was the prime location for us. We could make out the outline of “The Executioner” from the black curtain that covered it. As soon as it dropped, the drape got caught on something! As one of the crew members frantically tried to unhook the mess, “System error” belted out from the speakers. It was timed so perfectly that we couldn’t figure out if it was planned or not! Regardless of the situation, this is the projection that took over this 420 sq. ft. 3D screen:


With projections and lasers like that and this....



The crowd was in a state of awe the entire set.

DB: How has the Execution tour been so far?

X: "Looking out onto the crowd and the awesome view and seeing so many people rocking out to such nasty music is a pretty righteous feeling."

DB: How has “The Executioner” been doing? Is everything running smoothly?

X: "The Executioner features every bit of cutting edge technology that we can cram into it, and it’s our goal to deliver an experience that is as close as you will get to the future of EDM in today’s world. I wanted to keep everything as close to a traditional DJ setup as possible, and still have the freedom to play whatever tracks in whatever order the crowd wants them. We use Serato music videos for 70 songs; usually I get through 55 in a set. Each of these videos stay in perfect sync with the attached song and the Serato video technology is perfect so far. Where we ran into trouble was creating a fully synced lighting show. We bridged Ableton to Serato and hacked a bunch of things in order to get the time code sent out to the lighting desk and trigger all the cues. The result is a system that gives me full freedom to cater to the crowd and still be a real DJ, but at the same time give a fully synced audio-visual show."

The majority of the set was filled with his Dubstep bangers such as, “Raise Your Fist” and “Crowd Control.” (He even threw Flux in there, but you already know how we feel about that. Don’t get us started) However, his transitions from Dubstep to Electro throughout the night were as smooth as butter. The bass was insane from the VIP area, but about 20 minutes before his set ended, we decided to take it to the floor and see what being in the crowd was all about. The bass on the floor was exponentially better, leaving us with tickled eardrums and blurred vision. On a side note, we also discovered that people still do not know how to dance to Dubstep. I mean, it’s basically just bobbing back and forth. Throw in some arm swings and side steps and you got it! C’mon kids! One really cool and unique thing about the show was that, instead of the confetti you so often see flying through the air at the end of a show, tiny bits of foam floated down from the sky and attached to everyone's heads. FOAM By the time of his encore, we sat back and enjoyed the light show from the very last row of the stadium, where, with our heads leaned back against the wall, the bass literally wiggled our brains!

DB: What can we expect next from you?

X: "Destroid and the Executioner stage are my main focuses for the next year. As far as Excision goes, I am going to keep pumping out tunes under Excision and playing shows as Excision as well as working on building up Destroid. It’s going to be extremely busy, but it will be worth it."


If you haven't already caught one of these shows, it's not too late! Check out where he'll be for the remainder of his North American tour here, and be sure to follow him and keep up to date with his latest project, Destroid, his collaboration with Downlink and KJ Sawka.

~XOXO abRAVEgirls


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