Daily Beat Presents: An Interview with EDX

September 16, 2013 -

Brett Blackman

A couple of weeks ago, on an exclusive NYC yacht party, Bounce Boat, we had the pleasure of sitting down with the jovial DJ legend and man behind Sirup Music and PinkStar Records, bossman EDX A.K.A. Maurizio Colella. The Swiss/Italian DJ has had quite the career thus far, and in between topping Beatport’s Best Progressive House Artists and touring the world, Maurizio continues to improve his sound and deliver to his fans. While touring can take a toll on anyone, before the insane schedule of this year, EDX released his 14-track debut album titled “On The Edge” in 2012. With so many things on his plate, one of them also includes hosting his very own radio show on Sirius XM called “No Xcuses” where he recently announced a brand new giveaway to Nocturnal Wonderland on his jet (enter here) to see him play. While we are pretty sure EDX has been DJing longer than Madeon has been alive, you can delve into the mind of EDX and find out as we discuss his influences, his "No Xcuses" radio show on Sirius XM and his recent No Xcuses Ibiza contest and more. While we may have said Bounce Boat was on their final voyage this summer in last months review (here), it is certainly not the last party on the Hudson for the year. Bounce Boat will be returning on October 25th. Just in case you cannot hear bits and pieces of the interview (thanks to the loud people on the boat!), we've included a transcribed version below. Enjoy our interview with EDX, and check out the bonus re-cap video after the transcribed interview of his summer European shenanigans. Ciao!


1. This is a questions everyone asks me every time. I’ve been EDX now for about 20 years. I used to have another name before, but it is far away that I’ve completely forgot.

2. I started producing under EDX in 1997. So that was a couple of years ago. But actually before I had a project called Hoopah that I released in 1996 that was kind of a Latin House, Deep House music. It was like really big because of I would sample from “Dirty Dancing” back then, and it turned out as one of the biggest Latin House tracks in the late 90’s. Technically I started to produce in 94/95, but very low key.

3. I was born and raised in Switzerland, and I am from Italian parents. I feel like I am actually Italian, but I am Swiss as well. So you choose! It is interesting you know, I would produce in a very small studio. No one would ever believe that it would be a music studio. And it is fascinating because as you do music around the world, you start to travel the world and people know your music. It is something very fascinating to me.

4. I was having my first radio show in 93 on a Swiss local radio station in Zurich. In 2002 I did another radio show called, “Club Control.” I also had a record label called Club Control back then. Now I am going with my 3rd try, and I’m in my 3rd year going this week. It is like different because it is a weekly recorded radio show, and in more countries. It is very interesting because I have to force myself once a week to get new music, fresh new beats. I’m really happy with my show. I feel like No Xcuses is very close to myself, like I am always trying to move forward. I like to be able to continue to move straight and not make any excuses. Yeah, it is a very nice journey. We are on episode 130 right now.

5. You’re talking about the Xcuses Jet Contest. Actually, that was like an idea we had earlier this year to have incentive and a contest for the fans which are following the radio show, following me and showing up at the shows all over the world. Showing a lot of love for my music. So I wanted to give something back. So we have built this No Xcuses Jet Ibiza Contest for my European weekend for about a week ago. We chose a guy from Holland. He recorded a 50 second video where he played a track that he was inspired to produce based on my music. It was a really nice experience. It was a really cool experience with a fan. He was really speechless. He was overwhelmed, and like “OMG what is going on!” Us: So you already chose a winner. EDX: Yes, it already happened!

6. Actually I am very close with Avicii’s team. We have worked with them since the first day actually. My record company actually released the first big Avicii track, which was Tim Berg’s “Seek Bromance.” So since then we have worked together and are friends with the management. So I had this opportunity if I wanted to work with the vocal. And I really like Country Music, and how they produce the songs. How they write the songs and how the melodies are. Let me just try this out. The mix was actually produced in 2 ½ hours. So it was like bop bop bop, because the vocal was already good. They played me the album a couple of months back and I was very impressed. All the songs were so good how he took the electronic approach, and with Country music was incredible for me as an musical approach guy. Ok, and then I worked on the vocals.

7. The transformation is just like cycles. So today people in the US call it “EDM.” So it is like going a little back to Europe with EDM as well. It used to be like Acid House and has now turned into this very big generation, the rave generation. Back then everyone was calling it like “Techno.” It was like a movement of different genres. It is a big difference from 20 years back to now. Since 2 years in the US, it is picking up as well, finally. It is similar that what has happened in Europe with the dance transition, just a little quicker. People will learn about different genres, and will understand the difference between the artists and will get more informed. It will be very interesting.

8. Actually, I don’t know. To produce an album takes so much energy, time, passion, and I’m touring a lot right now. I want to focus on the EDX signature sound and bring back the real EDX vibe, which I feel is with this big room sound that has been taking over the US lately. But it has become a little bit lost. Next year, I don’t know. Maybe. Maybe not. Who knows. It is all about the fans if they want an album. I can try to do an album.

Videography: Knicky Beach
Photography: OPE Photography
View the full gallery from Bounce Boat, here: http://on.fb.me/15RMeDd



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