The Final Voyage of the Summer! Bounce Boat 8.23 [Review]

September 4, 2013 -

James Donnelly

Why can't this party happen more often, and why did this have to be the last one of the summer? Seriously, it has been an epic night every time I have been on this boat. August 23rd was no exception to this, in fact it was a special night for all of us at Dailybeat. We were lucky enough to have two of our artists (and writers) perform on the boat. Manila Killa and Ronin played that night along side with Candela, Kastra, Mysto and Pizzi, Mindcontrol, and of course EDX!

As always the boat was packed with New York City's most beautiful girls, fun guys, and as I have seen ragers of all kinds from all walks of life. I'm pretty sure I saw a guy wearing a suit dancing with a girl who was wearing an outfit that would have been appropriate at Electric Zoo this past weekend. It really is a great sight to see every gather and have an awesome time together. Maybe it is because they hire DJ's who perform in different genres? Whatever it is, they are doing it right.


Our man from Manila set off the night right on the stern (back) of the boat with his great feeling tunes and other smooth electronic beats that pair up perfectly with his music. Below is his latest release with AObeats called "Perfect Strangers." The song can give you an idea of the mood everyone was put in as soon as the boat took off on its final voyage of the summer.

After Manila came on Ryan and Ryan aka Ronin. Their awesome remixes and original songs really got the party up a few levels. I know I couldn't help but start to go out of control when they dropped a edit of "Bird Machine" with "Don't Drop that Thun Thun." To give you a taste of how nasty these kids are here's their newest edit of Ellie Gouldings "Burn" turned into a DnB song that is absolute FIRE.


As the night carried on so did the madness. The next thing I knew I was running around the boat listening to music from every stage until the great EDX came on stage and tore the boat in half. If we weren't on a boat that was over 100 feet long that ship would have sunk from the amount of bass and great house beats were being laid on the crew that night. This was my first time seeing EDX and I now know it will not be my last. Anytime this man is in the city you can guarantee the Daily-Beat crew will be there!

It saddens me to think this will be my last time on Bounce Boat for a little while, but don't worry it will be back soon. There are no official set dates for the next boat. You will hear it here first once we know more. If you were on the boat you can check our photos of the night HERE and see if you made the cut. We have interviews coming up with both EDX and Mysto & Pizzi so definitely keep an eye out for those because brett and Ashlyn do a killer job. Until next time Bounce Boat and BON VOYAGE!



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