Rare Leaked Footage From Simon Cowell’s “Ultimate DJ” Show


Rare Leaked Footage From Simon Cowell’s “Ultimate DJ” Show

With great pleasure, I present to you a very rare leaked copy from the producers over at “Ultimate DJ”. It took a lot of convincing to get this on Daily-Beat. We promised not to mention any names, but Ryan Seacrest gave us this. Yes. Ryan Seacrest is a mole. Ryan Seacrest gave us this and we are going to expose him to the world.

In the clip, we get to experience the emotion and pure talent needed to be chosen by Simon Cowell‘s “Ultimate DJ”. In this clip we see power hand gestures, smooth body sways, a few 4-inch high jumps, and a swag-attack that even makes Riff Raff proud. I was a bit thrown off by the fact that Simon was trying to cash out on the popularity of today’s DJ, but this clip proves to me that the show will be a success.

Thanks Ryan Seacrest.

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