Vinny Vibe & James Kennedy Team Up On Festival/Club-Ready Sizzler 'Ride Like This' [Exclusive Interview]

July 14, 2023 -

Justin Angle

In the world of tech house music, Vinny Vibe and James Kennedy have joined forces to create something special. Their upcoming release, called "Ride Like This," blends their unique styles together in a beautiful manner that will speak to the people. The track has an energetic rhythm that captures the essence of club music right to it's core.

Vinny Vibe is known for his popular songs and the melodic tunes he plays on his radio show, "Good Vibes." He has worked with well-known music labels like Spinnin', Mixmash, and Revealed. James Kennedy, on the other hand, started as a reality star on Bravo's Vanderpump Rules and has successfully transitioned into a music producer. Together, they bring a lively and groovy energy to their music and reach a wide, diverse audience.

Hype around the release has already been built via industry figures behind the scene. It has the potential to take over the club scene and become that summer banger people make memories around. Folks are excited to see what Vibe and Kennedy will create together in the future, many hoping this isn't a one time deal. The official release of "Ride Like This" is on July 14th, and it's more than just a song—it's an experience that will make its mark - don't miss out.

The 2 artists took the time out to chat with us on a variety of subjects, check out the extensive interviews below!

Exclusive Interview

Vinny Vibe Interview:

How did you first get into music production and what influenced your specific style?

Vinny: I got into music production because of my love for electronic music. The infectious energy and captivating rhythms always spoke to me. My style is influenced by a wide range of artists and genres - from classic rock to modern EDM. I try to incorporate elements that resonate with me.

Can you share the inspiration behind your popular radio show "Good Vibes" and how it evolved over the years?

Vinny: The inspiration behind "Good Vibes" was simple - to share music that I love and believe in. Over the years, it has evolved to include more diverse genres and artists, but the core goal remains the same - spreading good vibes through great music.

How do you approach the creative process when working with esteemed labels like Spinnin', Mixmash, and Revealed?

Vinny: Working with these labels is always an exciting process. I try to bring my best creative ideas to the table while also aligning with the distinct sound and style of each label. It's a collaborative process that pushes me to be better with each project.

What is the most exciting part of your upcoming North American tour with Pitbull?

Vinny: There's so much to look forward to, but the most exciting part is definitely getting to perform live for the fans. There's nothing quite like the energy of a live audience, and I can't wait to share our music with them.

What have been some fun moments in connection to "Ride Like This" thus far?

Vinny: There have been plenty of fun moments. From the creative process in the studio to seeing the reaction of fans when we play it live - it's all been a blast. A particular highlight was seeing our track on a Times Square billboard - that was surreal!

Can you describe the experience of performing live and why it captivates audiences so much?

Vinny: Performing live is like a high-energy exchange between the artist and the audience. It's a moment where we can share our passion for music and create a unique experience together. I think audiences are captivated because of the energy, the sound, and the shared experience.

What do you hope listeners take away from your music and performances?

Vinny: I hope listeners feel the energy, the emotion, and the passion that we put into our music. Whether it's a catchy tune that makes them dance or a deep track that makes them think, I hope our music resonates with them on some level.


James Kennedy Interview:

Would you say you have a boundary-pushing perspective when it comes to your music production approach?

James: Absolutely. I always strive to push the boundaries and explore new ideas in my music production. It's all about creating something unique and fresh that can stand out in the crowded landscape of EDM.

What do you believe is the key factor to your successful transition from bartender to DJ and music producer?

James: I think the key factor was passion and hard work. I was always passionate about music, and when I started DJing and producing, I put in the hours to learn and improve. It was a lot of hard work, but I loved every minute of it.

What kind of collaboration process did you have with Vinny Vibe, and how was it different from your previous collaborations?

James: Working with Vinny was a collaborative and enriching process. We both brought our unique styles and ideas to the table, and we challenged each other to elevate the final track. It was different from my previous collaborations in the sense that we really melded our styles together, creating something truly unique.

Are there any upcoming projects or collaborations that you can give us a hint about?

James: While I can't give away too much just yet, I can say that I'm working on some exciting new tracks and collaborations. Stay tuned for more!

As your profile continues to rise, how do you plan to evolve your music and performances to continue engaging audiences?

James: As an artist, I believe in continuous growth and evolution. As my profile rises, I plan on taking more risks in my music and performances. I want to continue to push the boundaries and deliver unforgettable experiences for my fans.


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