The Ultimate Festival Guide - 10 Essential Tips

April 27, 2017 -

Daily Beat Staff

Festival season is in full swing. With all the first timers heading into the 2017 season, a festival guide is much needed. 10 essential tips to enjoy every second of it!

1. Drink Water

Drink H20. Not just slightly over room temp PBRs. Water is your friend. Double check with the festival that water will be provided. Many multi day festivals do not provide water. The recommendation is 1.5 Gallons per day/ per person. BPA free plastic only if you're trying to be legit.
Daily Beat- 10 Festival Advice H20

2. Bring Enough To Share

Share with your friends or share with strangers. There is nothing worse than going to a festival and not making a single connection. First timers make sure they have enough for themselves, but veterans make sure they have enough for their friends to.
Daily Beat- 10 Festival Advice SHARING

3. Stop Trying To Make The Moment Too Perfect

Enjoy yourself, enjoy the music, you will find your friends. Put your phone away. Be present.
Daily Beat- 10 Festival Advice TOO PERFECT

4. You Can Always Take More, But You Can Never Take Less.

The age old piece of advice. 152 years old to be exact, first said by the Mad Hatter in "Alice In Wonderland". Who brought those pesky balloons anyway?
Daily Beat- 10 Festival Advice DRUGS

5. Bring A Fucking Chair

Relying on the good nature of your friends can only go so far. You will need a chair to sit on (preferably one with a cup holder and fold out tray for rolling)
Daily Beat- 10 Festival Advice CHAIR

6. GUYSAlways Let People Out

 If you're going to post up and hold the line, go for it. (It’s your job) But always let someone out out of a crowd. You can block people from pushing into the crowd, but always always always let people out.
Daily Beat- 10 Festival Advice GUYS

7. Wear Sunscreen

To quote your mom: PUT ON SUNSCREEN! This one is so simple. You may be “low maintenance” but the Vit D will get ya. Peeling skin is not a good look.
Daily Beat- 10 Festival Advice sunscreen

8. Charge With A Solar Pack / Battery Pack

The same solar rays that can burn your skin can also power your camp! Get a portable solar panel and keep your devices charged at all times for as low as $20.
Daily Beat- 10 Festival Advice SOLAR POWER

9. Wet Wipes For Hygiene 

Makes Taking a shit, less shitty. Plus your feet are gonna be funky af.
Daily Beat- 10 Festival Advice WET WIPE

10. Rage Stick Fam

Always have a landmark and never lose your group. Puppers make great pets. #booftroop
Here is a guide on the perfect rage stick:

Daily Beat- 10 Festival Advice Rage STICK



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