Trying to Expand Your Electronic Music Tastes? Check this out. (For Daft Punk fans!)

December 12, 2012 -

Christopher Lavinio

Room 5 is an amazingly funky experience that is really similar to the likes of Daft Punk and Justice. You can only listen to their albums so many times before something has to give--before something in your heart tells you to go out there and find something that excites you just as much. Allow me to show you the way. Room 5 is a great experience-funky as all hell (Good God!).


This guy, Vito Lucente, born August 31, 1971 (pretty funky year) is an Italian born Belgian house music producer and DJ. He started out producing acidhouse and Eurodance. Afterwards, he got into house. He's landed a number of tracks in the U.K Top--tracks like "My Feeling" and "Da Hype".  Here is "My Feeling". I'm obsessed with this track, it really brings the funk hard. NOTE: this  track was produced under his other name "Junior Jack". Junior jack is slightly less discoish than Room 5 but equally as funky.

CAUTION: You are about to listen to real house music (Dun Dun Dun!). If you are expecting cheesy big room synth and a shit ton of side chain compression, go to bed!

Tell me that ^ 'aint one of the funkier things you've ever heard.

The track posted below is a Room 5 track that managed to land itself on the #1 spot of the U.K. charts in 2003. Apparently this track was featured in GTA Vice City? I'm not sure about that. Anyways, I would venture to say that the guitar in this song is Daft Punk esque. However,  this track is decidedly more disco-house oriented than most of the stuff that Daft Punk came out with.

There are people out there who still produce this style of house. In particular, Stardust records comes to mind.  Over the last few years, I have been following their progress as they add one disco hosue producer after another. This is a whole different animal though. This is disco house once it has been put through a DAW by a production expert. It makes for a different sort of experience than the songs I posted above. I think it has more energy, but you decide for yourself:

This is a Go Go Bizkitt song. Definitely my vote for best Disco House producer out there right now.

Check it.



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