TroyBoi Explains #My Style, London Trap and Musical Inspirations

February 4, 2016 -

Daily Beat Staff

After a very long night in Tampa, Florida and marking the end of a successful Florida tour, TroyBoi sat down to tell us about what's been going on in his busy life. The South East London native has managed to put out and be a part of multiple guest mixes via BBC Radio 1, gain millions of plays on several notable tracks and has even collaborated with names like Diplo and Flosstradamus. Read on below to find out more about TroyBoi and maybe even gain new knowledge of his accomplishments/future endeavors.


(Tampa, FL Show 1/15/16 - SamuelHTC Photography)


Daily Beat: Tell me a little about touring in Florida and which city has been your favorite so far?

TroyBoi: Well tonight’s show was crazy, Orlando, you know what, they’ve all been great. Like really, you’ve all been great but Orlando and Tampa have been the outstanding ones so far. The crowd is insane. The reception of my songs, it’s really crazy for me to come from London and come here for the first time and people know the words to the songs, when the beat is going to drop, they just know it and it’s amazing to see that in the flesh.


(Interviewers Ariel Grey, bottom-center & Diana Valdes, far right, striking #napgirls pose)

Daily Beat: One of my favorite tracks you’ve ever made is definitely “O.G” and you dropped it tonight, how do you feel playing your older tracks and seeing the crowd react to them?

TroyBoi: It’s a surreal feeling. I still think back to the day I made it and at the time I really didn’t think anything of it. I just thought it was another track but at the same time I thought it was a cool variation of the stuff I do. But to have it explode to the masses in the way it has, touch people and see them sing the lyrics, it's super overwhelming in a really good way.

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Daily Beat: You said you’ve never played in London, why is that?

TroyBoi: It’s because the scene in London is not as big as the scene in the states. The majority of what is considered “trap” in London is “grime”. Therefore, since my sound is kind of different from the traditional London “grime” sound, I think that’s why the states have always been good to me and it’s not quite there in the U.K yet. I’ve gotten a lot of love in the U.S by doing what I’ve been doing and once the people in the U.K find out about it, I’ll be able to go out there and do my thing because I’ve already made a name for myself.

Daily Beat: How can you differentiate London trap from U.S or any other trap? What is the significant difference?

TroyBoi: I think London style of trap music I guess has got the U.K influence where it has the Garage stroke, let’s say, Drum and Bass, Grimy influences. Whereas I guess, the U.S trap is very heavily on the EDM side of things. I think for the U.K side, when we mesh our garage/grimy side to it, that is what gives it that element. I guess we just have a way of doing things, it’s in our blood!

Daily Beat: One of your newer pieces "ili" can you tell me more about what went into making that track?

TroyBoi: Well I love music from the, well I sampled DeBarge's “I Like It” and music from that era, is the music that heavily inspires me, to be honest with you. I’ve always, I love the whole “ohh I like it” therefore I thought I needed to give it my sort of twist. Kind of the neo-r&b stroke, hip-hop stroke, experimental wave - but yeah it ended up working out really well.

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Daily Beat: So you talk about “My Style”, tell me about YOUR style and what makes it different from other’s?

TroyBoi: First of all I’ll tell you what “My Style” is. I describe my style, as my style because it’s a fusion of every genre which has influenced me and genres that I like. I.E: Hip-Hop, Classical, Funk, Motown, Garage, Grime, U.K, D&B, Reggae. Basically, what I like to do is take elements from each one of those genres and mesh them together. And that’s what I think forms the music that I make, which is what I call my style and that’s why it’s hard for some people to really put my music in one specific genre because it flies different ways. Like one day I might make a house track, one day I might make an electronic/hip-hop track, one day I might make a proper trap song. So, that’s why I kind of call it "my style" in a way because it’s always bits of everything meshed into one.

Daily Beat: I really like that because that’s kind of what’s going around. Everybody’s in that f*ck a genre stage.

TroyBoi: Yeah, I hate to stick, I’ve always said I’m not one genre. I refuse to be one genre because I’m a person that likes to explore my talent, I guess, in making music.

Daily Beat: So I know you’ve worked a lot with Stooki Sound and Flosstradamus, Is there anyone that you can hint at us that you’re working with next? Any future collaborations?

TroyBoi: Right now has honestly been crazy because I’ve been doing a lot of touring and I haven’t really had much time to produce. There are so many music producers that have reached out to me to do tracks and I have literally had to put them all on hold, which is horrible because at one stage, before I was touring I was like “yeah I want to do tracks, I want to do tracks with you” but I have something in the works.

Daily Beat: Who’s your biggest influence and why?

TroyBoi: I have influences, a lot. I’ll tell you the number one guy who inspired me musically is Michael Jackson. First of all because, he is the guy that literally, he did everything. He did from Pop to R&B to slow shit. He was an amazing producer, an amazing songwriter, his cords, his singing, the whole musicality of everything inspired me greatly. I have him tattooed on my arm, that’s how much he means. Him as an all-around, number one. In terms of producers, I’ll say definitely Pharrell, Timbaland, Quincy Jones, Score Storch, Just Blaze. It’s all the guys from the 90’s really, I mean not so much at all, people in the garage scene like Todd Edwards. They're the main ones really. And I've literally kind of like taken bits from all of them and incorporated them with music that I hear today and just do my thing.


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