How Tommie Sunshine’s Subtle Tweet Changed My Perspective on the Artist / Media Relationship

October 1, 2013 -

Christopher Lavinio

To start, the original idea of writing this article came from my boredom of my Managing Multinational Enterprises Class with a professor who I can barely understand. As I tend to do in larger classes, I throw up the powerpoint on one half of the screen and this lovely gem of a blog on the other. But suddenly, as I begin to scroll through Twitter, I see DJ/producer Tommie Sunishine praise the latest Afrojack single that I, myself thought of as a tune that "brings about a big of a wannabe B.o.B feel that makes me wondering if this tune will be a chart-topper." So, I instantaneously gravitated towards Sunshine's tweet (below) about he EXACT opposite opinion on the tune.

At first I thought this was another one of Sunshine's sarcastic remarks, coupled with his outgoing personality, but then after having a bit of a Twitter conversation with him, I realized that he truly appreciates what the Dutch DJ/producer actually did with his latest Pete Tong BBC Radio 1 premiered tune. Here's what Sunshine had to say when I referenced the Daily Beat quick writeup on 'The Spark.'

Now, while I am making facial expression after facial expression and burying my head into my laptop screen, I only wonder how stupid my professor is not even to realize that I am totally spaced out of her class. But Sunshine's tweet definitely opened up a perspective I never thought about before. Sure, I am a 21 year-old editor-in-chief, CEO of a boutique recording label who continues to listen to lecture after lecture before graduating with my Bachelors of Business Administration degree, but who I am to judge on an Afrojack tune that I could never even create?

Well, for starters, if people didn't critique others, we wouldn't have a truly outspoken media like we do today. Sure, Sunshine brings up a good point about us not having the ability to produce, mix and master, but we are individuals with opinions and ideas. Whether it is this blog or any other, we capture an audience that looks to us for the latest new music, live performance and festival recaps, and the pulse of what this industry is about. We bring all of these hard-working artists together on a platform that brings about the best and worst of some individuals in dance music. But, we are entitled to our opinion no matter how jealous or incapable we are of using Logic or Ableton.


So, for all the criticism that I give, and for all the criticism that is given on this blog, we do mean it with the utmost respect. Sure people troll Facebook and Twitter all the time, absolutely bashing song after song. But the reality of the situation is, why are we here today to bring about the best and worst in all of the artists we choose to write about? Regardless of what people think, I know that my articles (despite my viewpoint) will always encourage artists to grow, to listen to ideas, thoughts and opinions of others, and to continue to be innovative in a society where all of us have the ability to be great.

So I thank Tommie Sunshine, despite his opinion on one Afrojack single that he hasthags #hits, for allowing me to appreciate the time and effort that each artist puts into the making of their work. Some of you may appreciate this article and share it with others, while some of you will hate it and say "look at this baboon on Daily Beat writing about some nonsense." But like Tommie said, "opinions are like assholes. We all have one and think everyone else's stinks."

So to conclude, the artist / media relationship will always be one full of opinions, no matter how stubborn people are. With Tommie's subtle Tweet, I move forward today by not only writing about my personal opinion on ANY track, but I will always resolve it by appreciating those who truly make the music we all love and cherish.

Below is Afrojack's latest Pete Tong BBC Radio 1 Premiere of The Spark. Be sure to check out my Daily Beat article on the tune just a day ago.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Ryan Farber -Daily Beat


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