Thomas Gold's Fanfare 100 Celebration & Exclusive Interview

June 9, 2014 -

Ashlyn Fulton

Before the madness of EDC came upon us, we were invited to attend a private event at Le Bain, the rooftop of The Standard Hotel in New York City, celebrating 100 episodes of Thomas Gold's Fanfare radio. Only 100 fans and select media were invited to party with Thomas making it special and very intimate. The drinks were flowing and Thomas was spinning as he passed out shots to those in attendance, toasting to his success and the loyalty of all his fans. Just about two years in the making, episode 100 features tracks from fellow Axtone, Otto Knows, Dubvision, Swanky Tunes, and many more. With big plans for the future of Fanfare Radio, we got the chance to talk to Thomas for a few minutes to talk past present and future of the radio show, his time in Miami, and how excited he was for EDC!


DB: So, tell us a little about the first 100 episodes of Fanfare Radio, what you've accomplished, and what you hope to accomplish in the next 100 episodes.

TG: I am just happy to have accomplished 100 episodes because when I started the whole thing, I wasn't even thinking about doing 100 episodes and now it just happened and the time went by so quickly, like 2 years. I think what I have accomplished is just bringing music to people, the latest stuff. That's the basic idea behind it. Just to play a lot of music, tell the people what's coming up, what's next and entertaining people. The fans tell me, 'Ya, I'm listening to it while I'm in the car, when I'm doing my workout or homework.' So, I want to continue with that. Maybe develop the show a little but I wouldn't change too much right now because it's about the music and the feedback from the people. I think it's really cool what we're doing. I don't want to over do the talking, for example, that's why I keep it not too much because it's all about the music.

DB: Ya, a lot of people get upset when the host talks to much. They just want to hear the music.

TG: Ya, and that's what the radio guys told me. People are there to listen to your music, not your voice.

DB: I know a lot of your focus is on the radio show and touring right now, but any hopes of putting out and album or an EP?

TG: No. The album thing I was thinking about, I'm always thinking about it but when I do an album it has to be a fresh start, not just put together my old tracks. I want to tell a story and this will take a lot of time. So, maybe next year I will lock myself in the studio for two months or three months just to kind of work on a story. What I am doing now is putting out single releases and I have a couple of things coming up. For example, I did a collaboration with Borgeous. I am going to do the world premiere next week at EDC here in New York.

DB: Yes! We will be there!

TG: Yes, so I am super excited about that and then I have a track on Revealed records coming out in August and a track on Axtone coming out this summer, as well.

DB: How is it being on that label and apart of the Axtone Family?

TG: Ya, it's amazing. You know I am proud of that. Axwell is really picky about what he does on his label and he takes a lot of time to decide, but he helps you on tracks and gives you a lot of hints and makes suggestions. He is such a genius musician and for me, I am really proud to be apart of Axtone and the Axtone family.

DB: How has touring been going? How was Asia?

TG: Asia was amazing! It was crazy and I had such a good time there. I didn't expect it but every single show was just a blast and people are crazy over there.

DB: Was it your first time performing there?

TG: No, I have been there for single shows here and there on the way to Australia but that was my first tour and it was so much fun. I can't wait to go back.

DB: We were down in Miami a couple of months ago for Miami Music Week, Can you tell us a bit about your time there?

TG: Ya, I had quite a busy week. I did a boat party and then I played Space where I did a 5 hour techy set. Then I played with Steve Angello and a bunch of other shows. It was a busy week but I really enjoyed it. And I could do different things like playing on a boat in the afternoon and then playing at Space 'til 7 in the morning and then doing the festival stuff.

DB: That must be exhausting.

TG: You know, I got a chance to take a nap here and there, like 20 minutes, but I just loved it. It was good.

DB: What's you favorite track right now and who should we be looking out for?

TG: It's hard to pick one, ya know.

DB: What's one that your going to play on the next show that you're excited about?

TG: Actually, these tracks are so fresh I don't even remember names! I just get promos and when I like them, I put them in the radio show. So, sometimes it just songs I get an hour before putting the show together.

DB: How excited are you for EDC? Because we are going to be there and we definitely cant wait to catch your set!

TG: Oh, I'm super fucking excited! Last year was amazing!

DB: Well we will be there covering the whole things and can't wait to see you! Enjoy the rest of your party!


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