The Art of Gloving

April 1, 2013 -

Daily Beat Staff

I always struggled growing up trying to be creative. Most of my friends had their own outlets to let their imagination stride, like art classes or graphic design… Something along those lines. But me, I can’t draw, dance or sing, so my creativity outlets are pretty hindered. I have always loved music, and have been listening to electronic music for quite some time. But when I tried my hand at DJing, I could barely rack up two different songs to start playing. So I guess my future as the next biggest DJ might be a little bit iffy, but I still wanted to have something more to do when I went to shows.

This is where gloving came in. Throughout high school, I saw a few kids doing something with their hands that I can only closely relate to dancing. It seemed so strange to me at the time, but their movements seemed so fluid or precise that it caught my eye. Now fast forward to senior year, when I was going to go to my first rave, I had the opportunity to try out throwing lights. I always knew I wanted to try, so I borrowed a pair of my friends gloves and went to the show. For the first 30 minutes, I sat and watched others give really good light shows, and even received a few myself. For the next 30 minutes after that, I was trying to get myself to have the courage to give someone else a lightshow, knowing that I’d only be waving my hands in their face like an idiot. I only ended up giving a few shows that night till I got too discouraged to continue, but continued to practice for months until the next show I went to.

Now a days, I merely f*ck around with gloving for the fun of it and don’t take it too seriously. I still bring my gloves to every show I go to, so I can spread the love around the give out light shows. Just seeing how generally happy people seem to be when they are getting a show is enough reason for me to keep doing it.

I asked my best friend back home to say a few words about his perspective on gloving and this is what he wrote,

"The art of Gloving can encompass so many feelings, not only in the wearer of the gloves but also in the people enjoying the show. The act of maneuvering your fingers can be both graceful and shockingly stunning. As the glover there is nothing better than seeing the reaction of the viewer as you perform moves with your fingers they never thought possible. As the viewer there is nothing more mesmerizing then watching someone dazzle you with their movements to music. Gloving can seem like moving your fingers to the beat of a song; though ask a glover if it's as simple as that and they'll likely begin shaking their head. For many the music and the lights seem to become one as the glover tries to portray their interpretation of the song. They may begin to do liquid moves to the calm parts of the song, their hands mimicking the flow of water, or maybe keep their hands back and shove them forward as the beat drops. Regardless of what a glover does it is always a joy in seeing all the different abilities of creativity someone can create while giving a lightshow."

Couldn’t have put it much better.


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