Ten Iconic Shots From VELD Music Festival 2014 (Downsview Park)

August 12, 2014 -

Rachael D'Amore

TORONTO, ONTARIO Bigger, better and…muddier? The third annual VELD Music Festival was held in Toronto earlier this month and like usual, the weekend outdoes itself in intensity and surprises each year. While hydroplaning over wet grass and playing leap-frog through screaming bassheads, Daily Beat’s own Rachael D’Amore and photographer Stefani Bonanno captured some unique moments and candid’s from the weekend.

Full Albums: VELD Music Festival Day One | Day Two

10. The Calm Before The Storm

When I said muddier, I meant it! Just moments before the heavy rain hit on day one, clouds loomed over the main stage as Nom De Strip warmed up the early bird dancers in the crowd. Spoiler alert: the rain did not stop anyone (or anything) from dancing.

9. Blondes in Costumes


I hope the title caught your eye, because if not, these festival bras certainly will.

8. Getting Funky with Green Lantern

Three words: old school hip-hop.

7. Dannic Owning the Pyrotechnics


By the time Dannic took over on day one the storm had lifted and so had our spirits. It also gave us a chance to really bask in all the glory that was the Main Stage visuals.

6. All of the Feels with Bingo Players


Something about this picture really makes you feel Paul with him in the moment, doesn’t it? I know we were feeling it.

5. #RaveBooty

A little Cirque du Soleil action with what I call Rave Booty Acrobatics. I’m hoping someone was spotting her.

4. Waka Flocka? Waka FLOP-A


Anyone who’s seen a VELD photo album by now has seen this girl and her sign. Although, what you may not know is that Waka himself wasn’t even able to make his set on the first night due to “immigration problems.” So by the morning of day two, this sign had been edited to say “Waka FLOPA.” Touche.

3. Who Dat? Who Dat? I-G-G-Y


I can neither confirm nor deny that my time spent during Iggy’s set was oogling her backside. Personal conclusion: it’s real.

2. Toronto in ASOT with Armin Van Buuren

Definitely one of the most riveting sets of the weekend. It was clear Armin was genuinely excited to be in Toronto. And by the look of the crowd, the feeling was mutual.

1. Special Guest Appearance By…

It’s not a party in Toronto until Rob Ford shows up. It’s a fact.


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