Ten Iconic Shots From Moonrise Festival Day One (Pimlico Race Course)

August 15, 2014 -

Sam Rodriguez

Our first day  in Baltimore for Moonrise Festival at the Pimlico Race Course was truly one to see to believe. Upon arrival, we were greeted with open arms from concert organizers to festival-goers.  The festival was broken up into four stages: Stellar, Lunar, Solar and Celestial. Overall, the event was thoroughly conducted and organized in a way that I have personally not witnessed in a long time. (Fans weren’t expected to dig through their pockets and shed out cash for water, volunteers making their rounds handed water bottles to them, no questions asked.) Moonrise really set the bar high for future festivals, all while its attendees had the time of their lives. We got together with Razberry Photography to bring you Day 1, enjoy!


10. Slander & Stickers

10562628_850205011656319_6805502852488321777_oAfter blowing everyone away over at the Stellar stage and after their sit-down video interview with yours truly, Scott Land and Derek Andersen of Slander get down with their Daily Beat stickers.

9. Bro Safari serving up the Stellar Stage

10379738_850208954989258_7908471110821434768_oBro Safari takes over the stage after A$AP Ferg and keeps the crowd going wild.

8. Getting High at Moonrise

1540256_850211874988966_3461343994004373581_oAt night the Ferris Wheel lit up and could be seen from anywhere in the festival helping festival-goers find their way to the Lunar stage and/or their way back to their friends. Rides were given to festival-goers free of charge all weekend long.

7. What's in a name Kennedy Jones?

10575248_850221841654636_2267561187681054832_oIn light of it all, Kennedy Jones decides to take our tired pitch of "Hey pose with our sticker!" to another level. Well.. He does have a point..

6. From helicopter to Moonrise with visuals of Robot babies.

10498564_850204058323081_8845939243057000505_oAfter uploading an image to Facebook of themselves on a helicopter, the duo of Adventure Club arrives ready to rock and rock they did.

5. Don't call Audien a Trance Head

10572267_850211571655663_6668104185269100877_oThe young producer who came onto the scene as a Trance DJ continues to reinvent himself, mixing pop tracks such as Michael Jackson's 'Slave to the Rhythm.'

4. Moonrise takes over the Race Course

Moonrise_PimlicoPimlico Racetrack gave everyone the chance to lose themselves inside Moonrise which made it that much harder to leave once the music stopped.

3. No stars yet? No problem.

10505236_850216038321883_5230353773184765588_oMoonrise props also doubled as designated spots for festival-goers to lay out a blanket and relax, they also served as excellent meeting areas if you strayed too far from your group.

2. Look mom, no hands.

10536323_850221521654668_8715210207726790284_oDancers throughout the festival impressed onlookers and kept energy levels at a all time high.

1. We looked into the future of music and it looks like an iPad just much, much bigger.

10583044_850204754989678_1552116783119192025_oOur Director of Publicity, Ashlyn, spent sometime in the Artist lounge with Alan of SmithsonMartin who introduced us to the Emulator. The future is here music lovers and it's on a projection and it's bright, so remember who told you about it first!

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