Ten Iconic Shots from Made in America, Philadelphia

September 12, 2014 -

Ashlyn Fulton

Curated by world renowned rapper Jay Z in 2012, Made in America Festival sets out to encompass a vast array of different musical genres in one of the most historical cities in the US, Philadelphia. This past Labor Day marked 3 years of this iconic festival and held such acts as Kayne West, Tiesto, Chromeo, and Tommy Trash. Here are 10 iconic shots that portray the weekend:

10. Gloomy Sky Over Heavy Bass

Absolutely love this shot of Baauer at the Freedom Stage during day one. His graphics projected to the crowd were comical in the least and his set was FULL of bass!

9. Scream-o Face!

Cut Snake was by far the most energetic performance and this photo of “fish” screaming on the decks to the crowd shows how passionate he is. Several onstage appearances were made by Fish!

8. I Repeat, This is Not a test!


During the second day of MIA Festival, Philadelphia experienced severe thunderstorm warnings and was forced to evacuate for about a half hour.

7. The King’s Speech


Kanye West brought a few interesting performances during his performance. His set included a mix of classics and new songs!

6. Some New New


Kaneholler is a perfect mix of live vocals and EDM. Steven Tyler’s daughter, Chelsea, along with her partner Jon Foster, played some brand new songs off their new EP!

5. Purple Haze


Mimosa destroyed The Freedom stage during day 2. This symmetrical shot and his facial expression shows how much he loves his job.

4. Rain Dance


The crowd was electric during Tommy Trash. Around 10 minutes into his set it started down pouring but that didn’t stop the crowd from enjoying his performance.

3.Do You Even Lift, Bro?


This photo of Will Sparks showing off his muscles to the whole crowd is priceless. His headphones covered his eyes during a lot of the performance making him look similar to Geordi La Forge from Star Trek.

2. CO2 Blast Off!


R3HAB played for a jam-packed crowd closing out the night at the Freedom Stage. He was energetic and his set was full of bangers. This photo shows the CO2 cannons in full effect along with his psychedelic visuals.

1. I Pledge Allegiance, to the Flag


3LAU killed The Freedom stage with full force. Here is a picture of how patriotic he is.

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