Ten Iconic Shots From EDC New York Day One

May 27, 2014 -

Ashlyn Fulton

It was an absolutely incredible day one of Electric Daisy Carnival New York. With a massive crowd gathering in and around MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey, artists, producers, and fans alike gathered in what was an iconic way to kick off Memorial Day Weekend. Minus some setbacks, (including a delay on the festival due to a passing storm) Electric Daisy Carnival Day One did not disappoint. So, with the help of Razberry Photography, we put together the ten iconic shots from Saturday's festivities. Check out the full set of photos featuring Hardwell, Daily Beat's own Ashlyn Fulton, Yasmine from Krewlla and more below!

10. Yasmine Sings Her Voice Out During Krewella's Set

Krewella Select 1 copyAlthough just two-thirds of the Krew showed up to EDC, the girls went harder than ever before for the Empire State. They lit up Kinetic Field with their bold energy, and depicted above, Yasmine captivated the crowd with "We are One."

9. Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano Keep The Crowd Hyped Up

unnamed"The New York crowd is getting bigger and better," explains Sunnery.​ This is their third ​​ ​EDC NY, and although it may have not been the biggest so far, "It feels like home," Ryan states. Showing up just 10 minutes before their scheduled start time, they used the first 15 minutes to test the crowd, and as you can tell by this shot, it turned out to be an utter success.

8. Blasterjaxx After Their Interview with Ashlyn Fulton

unnamed-1Idir and Thom of Blasterjaxx have been on a roller coaster since exploding in the EDM scene last year with their single "Faith." But this is just the beginning for the Dutch duo. Now on their second American Tour, they explain how it's changed their career and their lives.

7. Destructo & His Pineapples

AMctLDOPTi9J2vqt051jM4l-tVuG-tOYLVfnSZUpq4gI04TpFgx5JHjHMIZ_ZAwvqw=w1150-h453When we sat down for an impromptu interview with Gary Richards on Sunday, he explained the reasoning behind pineapples. During the Hard Summer video shoot, Richards was originally wearing a Bloody Mary on his head. But, after complications shooting the basketball, ended up with a pineapple and it stuck with him ever since.

6. MetLife Stadium Under The Electric Sky

h7ceA2tYsS3tQ_piRZN2Z9QWkQuBMJPVpoWeSneZLBjv1A3WSBVnwUpdAuL-sFD5kw=w1150-h453The Daisy is one of the most iconic art pieces at Electric Daisy Carnival due to the simple fact that it is the entire theme of this event. This immaculate, glowing flower lines the stage structures, flows in almost every girl's hair, and travels to each EDC, acting as the sun of the electronic sky.

5. Ferris Wheel: The Epitome Of A Carnival

cYzoFbga5b4lheU1sBM8D30WrU1RqSqIbt-uORGxXgnAQ8KMGHZ0efvoGdQPl4pioQ=w1150-h453The Ferris Wheel has to be the first thing that comes to mind when I hear the word "carnival." So, it's no surprise that this classic ride sits on the grounds of every EDC, generating one of the longest lines to board. This year it was situated in front of the Circuit Grounds stage which held such sets as Cash Cash, Alvaro, Calvin Harris, and Steve Angello, who I enjoyed from the tip-top of the festival.

4. Hardwell Soars In The Insomniac Owl

r6ywvYaMNxHfMUsAMJmkaROHY4Z4a2WLK456RNH0KCaxBLU5cXoxncwkHDxiGcSyYA=w1150-h453DJ Mag voted this guy the #1 DJ in the world in 2013, so it's no wonder why he's received so much praise and why his crowd was one of the largest of the weekend. Hardwell kept the energy high as he played from within the iconic Insomniac owl.

3. The Crowd Doesn't Let The Storm Kill Their Spirits

mdYO9RHHxM9amI5Uw7BTdHy5Q_YooKp4gfJvSWV5FHSv2WI_ow1X-HlZda2dZpDqWA=w1150-h453On Saturday, dark clouds grew closer to consuming the skies over EDC and a flash flood warning screeched on the smart phones of everyone in attendance. For about 45 minutes, all stages were shut down for safety precautions and everyone was told to take cover. Soaked festival-goers scurried around the grounds until the storm passed, where the skies cleared and it was an even more beautiful day than before. The party resumed and the good vibes continued!

2. The Night Evokes An Entirely New Energy

a4FT9PrTZiQZc07uIePWssdUUhxcprdRZM8VL9m3nX1NMV3zEJ2gLImzZokva-ckuw=w1150-h453Nightfall comes and EDC is transformed into a completely different spectacle. Smoke, lasers, and fireworks illuminate the night sky eliciting euphoric vibes enough to send anyone into a state of natural high. So, this is what they mean by "Under the electric sky."

1. Owl Eyes, Fireworks & Krewella Ignite Kinetic Field

Fu7EzAy9qpyrgUtGd8ZiDrTBvy3vOZKSL_l4KJlA1OH6Nkfh7tU5VCrgshw9PYrQpw=w1150-h453Any past headliner recognizes this immaculate structure and may know the significance of it's eyes: they are based on Pasquale's daughter, Rainbow's big blue eyes. They highlight the stage behind Krewella as fireworks explode in the background, making this one of the most unforgettable moments of night one.


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