STUNTLOCO – Philly's Own DJ SYLO Talks About His New Weekly Event at Silk City [Daily Beat Exclusive Interview]

January 30, 2013 -

Ryan Farber

Twerk Monsters + Turn Up Trap Attacks + Throwback Anthems + Groovematic 2-Steppers + Big Dancehall Vibes + Futuristic Remix Creations + Karma-Sutra Slow Jams (if you're lucky)



Starting this Thursday, Philadelphia residents might be hearing the faint tribal scream from the crowd at Silk City’s newest weekly event: “STUNTLOCO STUNT LOOOCOOO”.  Hosted by some of Philly's most talented up and coming DJ’s, STUNTLOCO is like DJ SYLO’s form of a massive group hug with two hundred people who just want to dance to good music and have a blast.  Be prepared to get rocked this Thursday, because he’ll be bringing a forward-thinking arsenal of music while still keeping a nostalgic head on his shoulders. Also hosted by Luke Goodman a.k.a. Cool Hand Luke on the decks, as well as Matt Ford on the mic, this brand new event is sure to get the party popping.

Today, we get a Daily Beat exclusive interview with Brady Ettinger, a.k.a. DJ SYLO, an exceptional DJ with a colorful, eclectic musical palate and a perpetual mastery of the dance floor.  At age 17, he spun at his first downtown club. At 19, he opened for Kid Cudi in front of a crowd of 7000+. He’s toured the country as OCD: Moosh and Twist’s official DJ and has even rocked parties in London.  Now, SYLO is doing something he’s never done before: starting a weekly party. Meet STUNTLOCO!


RYAN: Whats your favorite animal?

SYLO: A Dolphin.

RYAN: Why?

SYLO: I had a dream I was a dolphin once.  But I also like dogs a lot; I’ve had a lot of moments with my dog.  Connecting with animals is crazy.  And also giraffes.  I didn’t like giraffes until this summer when we were at the zoo and there were giraffes and they were just crazy.  I just like animals.  Monkeys.  I feel like a monkey when I eat a banana.

RYAN: Awesome.  So you have a new weekly event coming up at Silk City in Philly…

SYLO: Yea it’s called Stunt Loco man, and you can say it like this, “STUNTLOCO STUNT LOOOCOOO!”  Say it twice, you know.

RYAN. You’ve been DJing at Silk City for a bit, and now you’re finally getting a chance to host your own night there.  How did that come about?

SYLO: I’ve been DJing there for about a month as a transitional period.  Sammy Slice used to DJ on Thursdays and gave me the opportunity to take over.  The people at Silk City messed with me enough to give me the reigns and start my own night.  It’s called Stunt Loco.

RYAN: So, what is it?

SYLO: STUNTLOCO is a monster.  And we’re just gonna keep feeding it and feeding it and feeding it, and I’m very excited.  I want STUNTLOCO to be a meeting place for all the homies and all the people who are young and in Philadelphia, and just wanna have a good time.  It’s more about the crowd than me.  I’m excited.

RYAN: I love that you are putting the people first with this event; usually the spotlight is on the DJ or Artist who is performing.

SYLO: The crowd is the most important part!  It’s gonna be cool man, a spot for ALL the homies, ALL the shorties to come through and see each other and have a good time.

RYAN: Who else is involved with Stunt Loco?

SYLO: The STUNTLOCO Team is me and Cool Hand Luke (aka Luke Goodman) on the tables, my homie OG Matt Ford hosting, and my girl Ally Elle on photos.

RYAN: What kinds of music will you spinning?

SYLO: It’s a Hip-Hop night, I started as a hip-hop DJ, but we’re gonna push the limits for sure.  There’s a lot of cool futuristic remixes I’m excited to play.  You know, a little bit of everything.  You got your freshest crop of hip-hop, with all the new bangers; you got the throw back anthems that people just love to hear when their out; and then you got this like futuristic type stuff.  We’ll definitely hit some Dancehall as well.

RYAN: What are the Karma-Sutra slow jams mentioned on STUNTLOCO’s Facebook page?

SYLO: That’s the sexy time stuff, man!  Those are only on the nights when we really get it in, and if your lucky at the end of the night, we’ll get deep with it.  And I love that.

RYAN: You were recently asked to go on tour with Moosh and Twist, but decided to stay in Philly and pursue STUNTLOCO instead.

SYLO: Shoutout to Moosh and Twist man those are the dudes right there. I would’ve loved to tour with them again but I got to finish school you know? I’m just thankful that STUNTLOCO is here. It’s my baby and I plan on being a proud parent.

RYAN: What do you hope STUNTLOCO will lead to in the future?

SYLO: STUNTLOCO is a great base, you know what I’m sayin?  It’s a solid way to build my name.  All DJ’s start with their own party as a way to really establish their name and their sound.

RYAN: How do you like Silk City’s spot?

SYLO: I love it.  It’s dark, its cool, there’s red lights, and people come to Silk City to dance.  There’s not much more you can ask for.

RYAN: Every so often I will link up with you and you will play me music that absolutely blows my mind.  What are you looking for in your search for new tunes?

SYLO:  My biggest thing when I’m looking for music is to try and find something fresh—and it’s hard to do because there’s so much music and we’re exposed to so much stuff.  But I just try to find producers who are really pushing the limits and are able to come up with their own sounds.  Producers that make you feel something. The only reason they blow your mind is cause they blow my mind.

RYAN:  Who are some of your favorite artists local and international right now?

SYLO:  My favorite local artist is Matt Ford, he’s hosting the party; he is the best rapper, period.  We have some stuff coming, so be prepared for that.  On an international level, it kinda jumps around.  I still really like Bondax; they’re a couple of young producers from the UK, and Ta-ku is a producer from Australia that has some really amazing stuff.  I’ve also been into Afrobeats, like Nigerian Pop music.  There’s this one dude named Burna Boy who’s sick.  I kinda feel I'm just on a canoe in the ocean, and I have a little net that I just cast out trying to get some music, and I end up getting a mix back of random stuff.

RYAN:  Will you be playing any of this kind of music at STUNTLOCO?

SYLO:  Yes.  One of the things I’m really excited for at STUNTLOCO is to start pushing some new sounds—slowly but surely.  I think people more than ever—especially the college crowd—are ready to hear something fresh.

RYAN: Any more plans for the future?

SYLO: Oh yeah.  I wanna throw more of my own events, come out with original productions, and then just take over the world.




STUNTLOCO launches this Thursday, January 31st at Silk City (435 Spring Garden St. Philadelphia, PA 19123)

Doors: 10pm

Cover: Guys $5 after 11pm, ladies free


 STUNTLOCO | Facebook

DJ SYLO | Website | Facebook | Soundcloud | @DeeJaySYLO


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