Shift K3y's Childhood Pet and Working with DJ Mustard (A Daily Beat Exclusive Interview)

August 14, 2014 -

Ashlyn Fulton

Remember that time Shift K3y and DJ Mustard came rolling into Girls & Boys at Webster Hall a couple of weeks ago? After Shift K3y's threw down a dynamic and enticing set, where he even got up to live sing his single, Touch,  we got a chance to sit down and pick his brain a bit! A bit of a quiet lad, we still managed to squeeze some great info out of him.

Daily Beat: How was it out there?
Shift K3y: It was good. I had a good time. Always different coming to New York and playing.

Shift K3y

Daily Beat: It’s not your first time in New York, but it is your first time at Webster Hall. How do you like the venue?
Shift K3y: Really good. Great system. Great people.


Daily Beat: You only have 5 tracks on SoundCloud. Is there another outlet we should be aware of?
Shift K3y: Oh no, that’s because SoundCloud took down all my tracks, but apparently they are all coming back on Monday.


Daily Beat: Buygore has to be one of my favorite labels. How was it working with those guys?
Shift K3y: It was cool. For that EP, it was a good idea to do that. My manager, at that time, was managing him so it was a good idea. Ya, that’s pretty much it.


Daily Beat: You changed your name from Shift Key to Shift K3y. Any reason for that?
Shift K3y: The other one was really hard to find on networks and search engines so we changed it and I was easier to find.


Daily Beat:Your track "Touch" topped the charts in the UK. What do you plan to do here in the US to make it just as successful?
Shift K3y:Just do what I did over in the UK, just play it everywhere, and make a point to sing it.


Daily Beat:Why do you think “I know” did so well over here in the States?
Shift K3y: I have no idea. I think it’s a bit softer and a bit stronger. So I think it’s better for the US than “Touch,” but we’ll have to see what happens.


Daily Beat: Do you have any pets?
Shift K3y: I have 1. I have a pug. It’s called Chile.

Shift K3y

Daily Beat: Do you miss him while touring?
Shift K3y: I do. He’s like 11. I got him when I was 8 or 9.


Daily Beat: Is he staying with your parents right now?
Shift K3y: Ya.


Daily Beat: Have they been to any shows?
Shift K3y: They have, ya. They try to come to as many as they can when they’re close by. They like it a lot and they’re very supportive. They love what I do.


Daily Beat:If you could pick any DJ to be your parent, who would it be?
Shift K3y: Annie Mac would be my mom. She has a very motherly vibe.


Daily Beat:Good choice! She's awesome!

DJ Mustard

Daily Beat: How was it opening up for DJ Mustard, who has such a different style than you?
Shift K3y: It was interesting. I mean, we've made loads of different stuff together. Maybe like, 10-15 tracks. He's really cool, actually. I enjoy working with him. For us, this [show] was a natural thing to do because I was in town. It made sense for us to do something together.


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