A Look at the Shenanigans from Dirtybird Campout 2016

October 13, 2016 -

Fadi AbuZaineh

The folks at Dirtybird have done it yet again. The second edition of their premier Dirtybird Campout festival was a major success. From the perfectly programmed music to the ultimate frisbee and dodgeball competitions, the amount of fun to be had was endless. It felt like no matter where you were at this festival, you had the ultimate freedom to be yourself and channel your inner child. We have collected some of our personal favorite shenanigans that we witnessed to show that we have found what may be the perfect festival.

The Birdhouse Art Car(t)


Camp Counselors Claude Vonstroke and Justin Martin are seen here roaming on the decadent Birdhouse cart. At any point in time, you could catch your favorite Dirtybird Players riding around and even get nice refreshments.

Teaming Up with New Friends for Games


The best part of this picture is that the majority of people with red bandanas have either just met or by some chance ended up on the same team as others. To keep up the team spirit and encourage friendly competition, they handed out random color bandanas when people were signing up for the games. You either got a red, purple, green, or orange bandana. When it was time to start an activity all teams grouped together, creating the perfect competitive environment. It was like summer camp all over again.

Sunrise at the Late Night Lodge


Following a pleasant 45 minute break after the Birdhouse closed, the party got moved to the Late Night Lodge stage. For the first two nights, campers were treated to the unique stylings of Billy Kenny, Machinedrum, Mr. Carmack, and Barclay Crenshaw to name a few. Although this festival was primarily focused on house, it was great to hear different variations of electronic music. There was also a special sunrise Drum n' Bass set played by Christian and Justin Martin, which was an honor to experience.

Late Night Movies with the Family


What could be better than a large scale Netflix & Chill? Along with many classic movies, campers were treated to the world premiere of a special Dirtybird Documentary titled #TRIBES. The documentary has since been released on YouTube and can be viewed here.

Overall, Dirtybird Campout was an incredible experience. Not only for the music but for the great vibes, perfect venue, and the chance to be free with your closest friends. We will be sure to attend this event for years to come.

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