Shahmen "Iron" Official Music Video: Preview

August 9, 2019 -

Daily Beat Staff

Shahmen might not be a name you are familiar with yet, but the act has already become one of the biggest grass-roots success stories of 2019. Without the help of press support or official playlists the group have managed huge hits such as “Mark” with over 12 million Spotify plays, touched down on 6 continents and made appearances at Europe’s premiere festivals including Kiev’s Atlas Festival, and his most recent set at Untold Festival on Saturday, August 3rd.

Obviously an act with a DIY mindset, vocalist Bless explains it: We have been independent our whole career and never made a single commercial reach for success. Everything that you see now is from my music and the family of fans that support and spread it.”

The multinational troupe has huge ambitions with home-bases in both Los Angeles and Amsterdam, and with hype building a far afield as Russia and Turkey, they just might be onto something.


Their latest single, “Iron Out The Maiden” starts off by setting a disorientating tone onto to put you in a trance like mood to be charmed by Bless’ authoritative yet comforting vocal stylings. The mid tempo masterpiece uses simple yet effective groves to starting effect throughout. Drums are punchy, crisp and really lock in the bass melody which weaves in and out like a snake hunting for prey.

Complimenting the broody nature of the music are lyrics that seem to lament the harder aspects of hard working tour life. Their sound takes on the hard and gritty air of gangsta rap with a completely atypical poetical narrative. It's persuasive in context, bringing something fresh that's not exactly gangsta rap but still has roots in the sonic of modern war and warrior songs.

Shahmen are unlike anything else you will listen to in the genre, and if that wasn’t compliment enough, they seem fully capable of writing a track and presenting it professionally to boot. Their music video should also be commended, with some lovely memorable shots throughout. Budding artists out there take note -  this is how you make an amazing first impression.

Preview the music video for "Iron" exclusively on Daily Beat, below:


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