San Diego Closes Out the Summer with CRSSD Fall 2018

October 4, 2018 -

Dani Dallas

San Diego turned the volume up this weekend for the 2018 Fall edition of its biannual CRSSD music festival. Beautiful sunsets, enthusiastic crowds, and passionate artists set the scene for the thousands of visitors who came from all regions to dance, celebrate, and soak in the beautiful coastal weather the city is known for.


There was an intimate yet energetic atmosphere that was apparent from the moment guests walked into the waterfront venue each day. All around were smiling faces, eager to hear their favorite artists perform on one of three ornately decorated stages. Those who found their home at the The Palms stage were welcomed with open arms by artists such as Eufoeni, Dillon Nathaniel, DetlefWill Clarke, Mija, Anti Up, Claptone, and many others. The colorful, umbrella-lined stage created the perfect complement to the vibrant sounds being played all day and all night. It was apparent that the artists gracing this stage knew how to keep their crowds engaged as there was never a shortage of people to dance alongside with each day.


Continuing down the row of stages, City Steps is where many techno lovers could be found enjoying some deep, dark, hard hitting baselines. There was no shortage of familiar names playing at this stage all weekend, including, but not limited to, Layton Giordani, Helena Hauff, Yotto, John Digweed, and Matador, just to name a few. However, the closing performance on Saturday by Nina Kraviz was undoubtedly one that cannot go unmentioned. Watching her perform feels like a brand new experience each time. Whether it be the first time watching her play or the thousandth, it can be guaranteed that each time she will take you on a journey not only through her music, but also because of the graceful way in which she controls the stage and the significant amount of effort she puts into each of her sets. Anyone watching her can feel the energy she radiates and it is undeniably contagious.


At the rear of the festival, music lovers found themselves at the Ocean View stage which once again welcomed some very well-known talent. Long-time fan favorites such as Duke Dumont, Louis the Child, Marian Hill, and Flight Facilities were among the acts at Ocean View setting a melodic tone for their listeners. The sounds of live music paired with electronic beats that could be heard coming from this stage, coupled perfectly with the array of colors provided each night by the lively sunsets. It was here where many could reminisce and enjoy nostalgic moments as they listened to some of the songs that first brought them to dance music.


Overall, CRSSD Fall Festival 2018 was able to combine a blend of amazing music with a spectacular backdrop that ultimately came together to form the perfect end of summer getaway. There was something there for everyone to enjoy, from fountains to splash around in, to a variety of vendors, as well as an extensive beer menu if all that dancing built up a thirst. After experiencing the event this weekend, it is no wonder why CRSSD has acquired an audience of dedicated attendees who are eager to return each season. Make sure that you grab your tickets for the next installation of this festival coming in the Spring of 2019.

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