Rutherford House Vol. 15 - Free Music

February 8, 2014 -

Rutherford House

Everyone loves free stuff right? For this volume we've put some emphasis on the wide array of Free Downloads available on the internet. Tools like Soundcloud enable you to go crate digging to find amazing content for absolutely nothing; you could very feasibly fill your whole iTunes with quality free music (although that would negate the point of supporting the artists who are kind enough to gift you some for free). This wealth of free music was never available to generations before us, and given how much cheaper music is for us now anyway it's almost unfair that it's available! Maybe after discovering these free gems you will look a little deeper next time you're looking for new music, and instead of hitting up Zippyshare for the new Beatport Top 10 you'll find an amazing artist whose given away free music that's much more priceless.. Enjoy!

First up is Patrice Bäumel, a Dutch house and techno DJ/Producer whose reputation has earned him gigs as notable as Berlin's Panorama Bar (within the infamous Berghain). Despite releasing through the usual streams of Beatport and iTunes, Patrice chooses to release a huge portion of this music for free on soundcloud too, a dodgy business model yet a true gift to music fans everywhere, Patrice's only hope is that you'll share his music with others..

The Bristol based Arkist releases this for free through Mixmag. If you enjoyed Scuba's remix of Rendezvous (under the SCB alias) this is right up your street, chilled out, a tad funky, something that oozes emotion. Follow the link in the tracks description to download it!

This release comes from Ongaku who you may know better as Taiki & Nulight (The other half of Taiki & Nulight has left to concentrate on his work as SecondCity). The first of these two tracks is his debut release on Bullet Train, full of funky bass house goodness, whilst the second is on Subsoul, equally bass heavy but with more emphasis on soul, any track with those classic house piano and vocal cuts i tend to be all over.

I'm personally a much bigger fan of the original mix of this track, but this remix is free so definitely makes the cut. This one is aggressive UK Garage that's in your face and dirty, the original is a little sexier and less forward, so check that one out after listening to this one.

Imogen Heap's Hide and Seek is still an absolutely amazing track despite me having listened to it a thousand times. It isn't exactly dance floor friendly though. Thankfully this mix brings it to the dance floor with good results, nothing mind blowing but a good mix to a good track, enjoy!

Low Steppa is another artist that releases huge amounts of free stuff, of consistently good quality. This rework features the infectious vocal 'Not everyone understands House Music,' accompanied by his signature bouncy bass lines. Can't go wrong with this one.

Moving away from house into trance, this track topped the Beatport Psy-trance charts in 3 days and is now available for free! The quality of this track is outstanding, with new surprises at each section. Fast pace, driving and pumping bass, and clever vocal cuts really make this track for me, as well as the 'when will it drop' feeling before each drop. Listen out towards the end for the sneaky Deadmau5 sampling. 'The Remix is Dead!'

I had to stick Adam Ellis in here somewhere and these tracks are both brilliant efforts from him. Both tracks incorporate a huge amount of energy yet still keep emotion and melody central to the track, an aesthetic that i think is crucial to a successful Trance production. The first tracks middle drop may be too aggressive for some trance fans but you'll get satisfaction in the end i assure you. It's probably worth mentioning that Adam's best work blows these brilliant tracks out of the water too..

John O'Callaghan has a wealth of free Tech Trance cuts from his Subculture label available up on his soundcloud, Here's a few of my favourites, the first a vocal trancer featuring Ria that turns out to be surprisingly melodic, the second more driving and powerful, yet still holding onto that all important aesthetic of emotion and energy. The third track is all out Tech in it's rawest; exciting and full of 'Jesus F***ing Christ' moments! What's more you didn't pay for it so you can't go complaining to Subculture that they've destroyed your ears..

If you're searching specifically for free music, one good place is with Trance mashups/edits, and many artists give these away. Mark Sherry is one such artist who is very generous in the amount he releases free. This mashup blends the relentless trance power of Simon Patterson with the unmistakeable vocals of Coldplay's Chris Martin to brilliant result, there's a huge amount of other free downloads on his page too..

This mashup is what every mashup should be like. It's impossible to tell that the vocals aren't originally from the backing track as the two blend so well together, complimenting each other perfectly. This one is full to the brim with energy, enjoy..

It's the best feeling when you're searching for a track you've heard and when you find it, it turns out to be free. Etherwood did a remix, and then this VIP meaning this one managed to slip past my attention at first. The original track is one that really makes you stop and listen, and this mix takes that element and transports it into beautiful liquid drum & bass, adding a brilliant piano solo into the mix. Etherwood is making big strides at the moment in the Drum & Bass world, so this one is definitely worth having.

A no nonsense house tune here from Canadian producer Prince Club, aptly named Detroit. Beginning with a groovy melodic section the track builds in arrogance and speed before drifting into an upbeat section of house. Definitely worth the download.

A massive mix here from bass house giant Chris Gresswell. After building his name throughout 2013 with quality release after quality release, this mix gives us an insight into his favourite tracks of 2014. Includes 'Incoming' by Celsius and Huxley's 'Inkwell.'

To finish off this package we've got a feel good tune to kick start your weekend. British producer Ejeca has remixed the famous 'Show Me Love' turning it into a perfect party tune, with the vocals perfectly blended into Ejeca's big groovy synths.

You can probably see now that there's a huge amount of quality music out there for free, this stuff is only the stuff i downloaded recently and there's literally millions of tracks out there to find for yourselves. Get crate digging and let us know of any other free gems you think we'd enjoy!


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