November 12, 2017 -

Daily Beat Staff

Dan Griffith, the Los Angeles-based producer, and multi-talented musical artist better known as Gryffin brought his Castle in the Sky tour to San Francisco for a stop at The Warfield on Friday, Nov. 11, leaving fans in awe of his ability to seamlessly transition between instruments with endless enthusiasm and complete control of the sonic vibe he unleashes throughout his unique performance.

Critics of EDM artists are quick to judge those who use live performances as a chance to share their pre-recorded work but often fail to mention those who can integrate their backgrounds in traditional musical styles with their love for synth and bass beats. Griffith does just that; rapidly jumping between his mixer, drum pads, keyboard, piano and guitars.


Griffith was classically trained as a pianist at a young age and learned to play guitar in various "jam bands," as a middle schooler. The mellow, yet upbeat timbre of his sound really started to blossom during his time developing his music production skills at the University of Southern California. The Palo Alto native clearly developed a strong understanding of how he can use all of the tools and influences that he developed throughout those different periods, translates them all into a beautifully impassioned spectacle.


Mixing popular remixes from the likes of Years and Years, Blink 182 and Chance the Rapper, with original singles from his early career in the first half of the show, the crowd was fully engaged when it came time for the latest hits most had been waiting all night for.


From the somehow groovier remix of Portugal. The Man's hit Feel It Still, and his original single featuring Josef Salvat Heading Home, and the obvious choice for the finale, the smash single with Illenium Feel Good featuring Daya, Gryffin continued to flood the Warfield with a brilliant mix of anticipation and energy in steady unison. Guest performances from a drummer named "Nick," and vocalist Katie Pearlman for her part in Griffith's latest single Nobody Compares to You only added to the excitement.

The Castle in the Sky tour continues with five more stops across California and one each in Salt Lake City, Denver and Honolulu in the month of November, before picking up again with international stops in Northern Europe and Canada in 2018.

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Words and Photos By: Aaron Nelson



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