RELEASE: Official Tomorrowland 2013 Aftermovie

September 11, 2013 -

Finn Lurcott

So today marks the release of the much awaited Tomorrowland 2013 Aftermovie. This is always an aftermovie that attracts millions upon millions of viewers bringing to them a slither of what actually happens at Tomorrowland. Myself, and fellow Daily Beat team member Finn Lurcott, were lucky enough to attend for a second year running this summer. Words fail to describe this place for the magic that it holds. The amount of energy and love that you receive just walking through the festival is in itself jaw-dropping. The aftermovie for the past few years has received absolutely massive view counts. The purpose of the aftermovie is not just for those who attended to relive those magical moments one last time, but it is also designed to attract next years crowd. This can only be seen as a successful way to attract a crowd as both ticket sales for the previous two years have run out in close to 10 minutes! In my eyes Tomorrowland is transforming into one of the biggest and most talked about festivals in the world. I know that others may disagree with me, but with the reputation each of these aftermovie's is giving off, the recent starting up of TomorrowWorld, and with next years Tomorrowland being a 10 year anniversary, I can only see ratings flying through the roof and breaking all kinds of records. Speaking from a personal view, I would suggest that the aftermovie fails to display to you the true madness, magic, love and euphoria that this festival generates. Over the past two years I have heard countless people say to me after hearing that I had attended the festival "Fuck man, the aftermovie looks wild! Definitely attending next year!" Every time I hear this I find myself saying that the video fails to capture even a quarter of what goes down at Tomorrowland, and this is 100% true. No video will ever be able to portray something like it is in reality. Its all about experiencing something face to face. So if there is one message that I can leave you with, its this: Whilst your watching this video and a smile starts appearing across your face at the true beauty of what you see before you, remember that your only seeing half the picture. Hopefully I will get to return again next year, and hopefully some of you will be joining me, but until then we're going to have to make do with a small snippet to re-live over and over again. Until next year, enjoy!


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