Recap: Keys 'N Krates Bring Shipwrecked Tour to Tampa

January 18, 2015 -

Daily Beat Staff

Absolute mayhem went down last weekend in Downtown Tampa, Florida's art's and events concert venue District 3. The Alliance Events 2015 “Shipwrecked” tour featuring Key N Krates made its way through 4 of Florida’s biggest college towns (Tallahassee, Gainesville, Orlando and Tampa) with the intention of blowing away each city. Carpe Noctem Events and Alliance Events & Nightlife, the entertainment conglomerates in charge, went all in for the Tampa stop to throw what would be an unforgettable bash.


KNK received opening support from local DJ/producers Vices and Dvnk Sinatrv. Vices, the Jersey Club duo from Orlando, opened things up heavily. The trap/hip-hop pair continued to throw down dope beats as showgoers began to arrive. After a few 100 drinks had been dispersed, the energy really started to build. The vibe was amazing and nothing but great things can be said about their performance.


Dvnk Sinatrv, also known as J. Birdseye and Dan Sverdlov, enhanced the "turn up" going on inside District 3's walls. Dan and J always throw down. Every performance is different from the last, which kept constant positive energy flowing throughout their entire set.


I don't think anyone was prepared for the amount of people about to consume the venue. A little under 2,000 people were in attendance by the time Keys N Krates entered the building. The instrumental trap trio took their positions and immediately  filled the room with the sounds we had all been waiting for. KNK completely blew us away. Not only did their music hype the crowd to an unimaginable level, but an unexpected stunt happened that was just, well, unexpected.


About mid-way through their set, a random girl (now identified as Christina Platt) streaked across the stage and even had the time to jump on the back of Flowinsky (I believe) before getting caught by their tour manager. Although this was likely an interruption that could've ended badly - Keys N Krates, their tour manager and literally everyone in the venue (including myself) thought it was hilarious and quite refreshing if we're being honest here. Soon after this occurrence her stunt went viral. Shout out Christina Platt for being the real MVP.


Overall, I would say the night was one for the books. We can all thank Alliance Events & Nightlife and Carpe Noctem Events for throwing an unbelievable party that will definitely have us all back inside District 3 again  in no time.

Photo Credit: Rudegirlphotos


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