Rapid Reaction: Deadmau5 @ Ultra Music Festival 2014

March 30, 2014 -

Daily Beat Staff

MIAMI - Sometimes, you've just gotta take your hat off to the Mau5 (pun intended). One would think it's tough to fill a headliner's role on such short notice, especially when you're filling in for the crowd favorite Avicii. Sure, a lot of the time his controversial remarks turn heads, roll eyes and even cause outright gasps, but sometimes, just sometimes, he gets it just right. As he opened up with his back to the crowd, just like Above & Beyond because of the storm, it seemed like the crowd was not ready for what was to come. Dropping some nasty tech, working some heavy mixes, taking the Mau5 head on and off and even taking time to leave the DJ booth and go for a walk, deadmau5 mixed in the regrettably over-popular big room track, 'Animals', by fresh-faced producer, Martin Garrix, but all was not as it seemed. As the crowd awaited the drop, he shocked everyone with the Funnymals edit. As the familiarly dull  supersaw progression chimed in, the drop built, and built, and built and THEN......Old McDonald Had a Farm!

It was a great day.

It was an historic day.

We had clues that he had some good, old-fashioned trollery in the works due to clues on his twitter, with tweets such as 'throwing some random bullshit together for the set… holy shit I’m such a dick, this is gunna be awesome' and 'I got an idea. (thats usually a bad thing).'

Just before it dropped, Joel shouted 'Fuck yeah!', then, following the drop, 'FUCK I LOVE THAT TRAP!' - What a troll.

What surprised me most was how all the Ultra minions in the audience still began to actually jump around for it anyway, even though they were dancing to the Ronald McDonald theme tune! It was all very quaint.

Now we've seen the legend live at VELD before, but wow did he ever bring it! F'n Pig, Are You There, and a Ghosts and Stuff vs Levels mashup all took centre stage. With such short notice to fill such a big role, Ultra definitely captured the moment, and Deadmau5 easily redeemed himself from last years debacle where he decided to play the exact same set on back to back weekends.

Regardless, Deadmau5 performed a slam-dunk of a set at Ultra last night, with a nod to Avicii by mashing up 'Ghosts 'n' Stuff feat. Rob Swire' with 'Levels' and performing quite a lot of underground music, an unheard of thing for a mainstage headliner at Ultra.

Rapid Reaction: Tiesto

While in Las Vegas, Tiesto quickly took to Twitter to hash out his feelings on the deadmau5 "fill in" performance for Avicii, while defending his prodigy Martin Garrix.

Still interested to see what comes of this on the web, as we wake up on a Sunday morning and react.

-by Arrun Harker & Shayne Gold


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