Psychedelic Sex - Neelix

March 11, 2013 -

Christopher Lavinio

Today I will bring a new style of music to The Daily Beat which has been underrepresented thus far! The question is not: are you ready for psychedelic trance? The question is: is psychedelic trance ready for you. This subgenre is not for the faint of heart. You'd better strap your fucking boots on tight before listening to this because it will tear at every emotion you possess. While listening to psy-trance, you will find yourself happy, sad, scared, excited, and confused. It brings a lot of different emotions out of the listener.

Neelix is my vote for the premier producer in the genre. I lvoe my infected mushroom and all that jazz, but Neelix is THE man. All you have to do is listen to one drop and you'll be hooked forever. What is more, it seems like every song the guy makes is impressively good. As a side not, the drops in psy-trance behave differently, so be prepared for that. You'll be able to anticipate them, but they are going to surprise you in the end quit a bit more than a regular house drop. Also, there are amazing samples throughout all of his music, with beautiful side-chaining stringing every production together in a way that is as smooth as a baby's bottom. You gotta get knowledgable about this guy before this genre takes over America. Americans haven't worked their way up to 135bpm, but I have faith in them.

Today we have three pieces of music.

First, here is Neelix's song "Sorrow". This was released 3-months ago.

That song is great. All of his songs are totally full of enery and some of them are busting at the musical seams with it.For the next song, I will include "Dark Matter". This is off the "Dark Matter" ep released not too long ago.

Lastly, here is an hour long album mix "You're Under Control". Now, you have a lot of music to get through, you'd better get to it.

~ Remember: Have a Magic Flight.


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