Artist Spotlight & Exclusive Interview: Avierro

September 9, 2014 -

Christopher Lavinio

I always appreciate discovering some incredible underground talent overseas. Coming from the talented dance music nation of Norway, Avierro is a Norwegian Electronic Dance Music duo, consisting of DJs and producers, writers Nicolai Kjernmoen and Carl Fredrik G. Løken. The group was formed in early 2014, in Fredrikstad, Norway (the hometown of the duo). The duo quickly grasped a sound that stemmed from artists such as Kygo, Avicii, Secret Sebastain, Richello, and the Swedish House Mafia. The duo was lucky enough to sit down with us here at Daily Beat to discuss their recent formation, their individual careers, and much more in this exclusive one-on-one interview.

Daily Beat: First off, I wanted to thank you both for being here today. We're definitely excited to have another incredible up and coming duo here on I wanted to start off by asking, tell us about how the name came about for "Avierro?" What's the origin behind it?

Avierro: Well.. It's a quite funny story actually. We were for a long time looking for an appropriate name for our group, and no matter what we tried seemed to fit our sound. After a while of brainstorming, we gave up looking, and decided to let the name find us instead. Approximately a week later I (Carl), had this weird dream where everybody was talking about the name "Avietto". I remember hearing the word in my dream, and though in the dream that this would be a perfect name for our group. Later on I started thinking about the name in conscious awareness, and after telling Nicolai about it, we at last decided to go for Avierro.

Daily Beat: With such a rise in popularity in the deep house / tropical house space, how do you both look to differentiate your sound among the other producers out there? Do you see this genre lasting long-term?

Avierro:Hmm... First of all we are thinking of producing as much progressive house as we are going to produce Deep/Tropical/Ambient House. Although we will include our own uplifting, relaxing, and good feeling sound in all of our upcoming releases.

With that being said, we really do see Tropical deep house as an long-term lasting genre.

Daily Beat: What does the rest of the year look like for you guys? Do you plan on creating your own radio show, collaborating with any local / international artists? How do you plan on picking up steam before we roll into the new year of 2015?

Avierro:Actually we do not plan too much. Perhaps release some remixes, and more original mixes. A collaboration would be cool as well…We don`t know yet. We are mostly focusing on the music, and the quality of it.

Daily Beat: How did the two of you meet? We know the origin behind the DJ duo name "Avierro," but how did you two decide on becoming a duo? What will you do to stand out among the incredible European duos out there.

Avierro:We have known each other for a long time. We went to the same elementary and middle school for 10 years, and became friends when we were about 10 years old. Now we both are 18.

We started producing music together, after being really into this Norwegian duo called "Broiler". We found their unique, and playful way of producing music hilarious, and wanted to produce it as well. This was approximately two years ago. Since then, music production became more and more serious to us.

Later on we created a duo in the autumn of 2012, which we after a short period of time quitted. This because we felt we did not have enough experience yet.

About a year ago we both created our own solo-profiles (Exalz, and CFG Loken), but we never stopped working together. June 2014 we decided to create this duo, which we both have much more faith in.

To stand out among all of the incredible duos out there, we will produce music with our passion, and from our hearts, which hopefully will touch listeners all around the globe.

Daily Beat: Fast Forward one year from now. It's Tomorrowland main stage and you are about to play a B2B set. Who would it be and why?

Avierro:It would definitely be Axwell & Ingrosso, as we see them both as big inspirations to our music, and simply because we love their music. Would without a doubt be a dream come true.


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