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February 11, 2013 -

Daily Beat Staff

What’s up beatsters! If Joris Delacroix couldn’t soothe your ailments, check out this next prescription. Perhaps I have a bias for the French, or perhaps they’re just better than us, but nevertheless this artist will blow your mind… softly. His name is NHKFF and he is a demiurge to the simpler side of the electronic movement. Don’t let his Facebook/soundcloud fool you. Though each only boasts half a thousand followers, these numbers about to blow through the roof. Not convinced? Check out his remix to Until We Bleed by Lykke Li, and tell me your heart rate doesn’t slow.

Until We Bleed by Lykke Li (NHKFF & Joey Lacroix remix)

If that doesn’t seem to suffice, his edit to Adele’s killer Skyfall intro is easily the best addition to her bossy vocals I’ve ever heard (and that’s saying something). Why haven’t you heard of him? Well, for one, he’s French, and we’re ignorant, but more importantly, twenty two year old Quentin Danos has only been producing these masterpieces for a year and a half.

Skyfall by Adele (NHKFF x Matou remix)

"[I’ve played] the piano since I was a child. I began by working on classical pieces, but I always loved improvisation, so I decided to write down my improvs and turn them into electro tracks,” Danos said.

A little over a week ago, NHKFF posted his submission to the remix competition of Pleasures by Max Cooper feat. Alex Braids. This track exemplifies all that I love about Danos. His first few tenuous 32 counts ease their way into your headphones with such fluidity, gliding through each transition with only a trace of snare and bass.

Pleasures by Max Cooper feat. Braids (NHKFF remix)

Personally, I never make assumptions about an artist until I’ve dug into their own production as well, but Danos delivers on this front with the éclat of a pro. Check out Romance, and Deep Lullaby – both pay indirect homage to the epic build up you hear in movies like Inception and Troy. He also works/tours with Paris local Matou, so if you find yourself hungry for me, that’s a good direction to head.

NHKFF is in this business of melting the partition between deep house, tech house, even minimal, and has a well of innovation to offer to the scene. So if this isn’t your style, I urge you to give it a chance; he certainly won’t disappoint.

To vote: Max Cooper Remix Contest


~ Photo : Yanis Hamnane | Design : Melow


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