Party Favor & Sex Panther - Djarawa (Original Mix) [FREE DOWNLOAD]

July 16, 2013 -

Ryan Farber

Traditionally one known for his mashups and original mixes in the Trap genre, Party Favor has turned a considerable amount of heads (mine included) with this take on the Big Room. Teaming up with the duo Sex Panther, the LA-based producers set about creating what they believed could be brought to the table in a genre seemingly flooded by redundancy. This is coming from me. If you don't already know, I'm a huge advocate of the Big Room, and even I have been getting a little wary of the repetitive nature of the drops.  However, I would like to point out that "Djarawa" threw me a curve ball. Following the traditional "lead-them-off-with-the-drop" song structure, the trio threw me into the mix of a fast-paced rhythmic progression that was a welcome change from the single-tone, heavy-reverb drops that I have been hearing so often.  Completely with a beautifully constructed middle arrangement, Djarawa did not for one second make me feel still (OK, maybe for a second, but that's because there was a lull between the drop and the melody!)

As always, don't just take my word for it! Check it out for yourselves, and hopefully you'll feel that maybe a new door could potentially be opened in the Big Room genre (one can hope, right?). Enjoy Djarawa!

House.Net Exclusive Release - Free Download


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