Panooc Heads to UK to Showcase Debut EP 'Art School'

December 2, 2019 -

Ashlyn Fulton

The multi-talented DJ, producer, and saxophonist from Scotland, Panooc, has fanbases across the globe yet is most notably gaining traction in New York and The United Kingdon. Identifying as non-binary, Panooc will help bring queer NYC to UK on their tour with XOXA which spans the month of December into January 2020. On top of a tour, they've just released pure tech house gold which is their debut EP, "Art School" out on Audiophile Records. This 2-track EP takes it’s listener on a 13-minute sonic journey, though comprising of complex sounds, is chill enough for your morning routine yet upbeat enough for the dancefloor.

Before Panooc heads off across the pond, we got a chance to get to know them a little bit more...

  1.  Describe your sound in 3 words or less.

    Playful, Introspective, Modernistic

  2. How did growing up in Scotland influenced your music?

    I grew up in a very rural area of the southwest of Scotland on a farm (moving to the States for college when I was 16) - the environment/scenery is quiet yet visually dramatic so growing up there encouraged a cinematic perspective on the music I was listening to and making (which ranged from classical to jazz to electronic). It’s beautiful but also bleak in a mysterious way at times. I try and draw from the abstract of that when writing my music, incorporating it into my House and Techno.

  3. What was your first festival? Last?

    The first festival I ever went to was the Wicker Man Festival which took place in the area I grew up where they also filmed the original Wicker Man movie (with Christopher Lee) - it was mostly live music and I remember being underage (like 13 years old) and a bit terrified of all the drunk people roaming around haha. The last festival I was at was Movement in Detroit.

  4. How does it feel to release your debut EP “Art School”?

    It’s truly a great feeling releasing new music anytime but my latest release ART SCHOOL is special to me as it’s my first completely independent EP release (most of my previous work was in collaboration) and these tracks flowed out naturally without feeling constrained to any specific kind of genre or sound beforehand. Sharing new ideas and material is a favorite aspect of mine to creating music.

  5. You’ll be touring in Europe next year, what do you hope to gain from it? 

    This won’t be the first time touring in Europe or beyond (the UK specifically this Winter, with XOXA) - I’m excited to touch base with old colleagues and friends this time around, debut at some new venues (such as EGG LDN, Dalston Superstore, Cabaret Voltaire to name a few) and meet more people doing cool and interesting projects & music in the scene there.

  6. What’s one song that’s always on your playlist?

    The one song that seems to be on my playlist without fail is the Kink remix of Unit 2’s ‘Sunshine’. It’s such an epic piano house banger and if I’m having a rough day, I always stick it on to enliven the vibe. Otherwise, there’s a ton of other tracks that are on constant rotation: I’ll no doubt be adding ART SCHOOL to my Spotify playlist on Friday (which you can do too!)

  7. What else can we look forward to from Panooc?

    After the tour, I’ll most likely be back in the studio to create and finish up new tracks, gigs back in NYC and some other exciting things lined up that I can’t let the cat out of the bag on just yet...! 😉


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