NYC Artist Spotlight: MONIKKR

August 15, 2015 -

Sydney Jow

The underground NYC music scene has been hustling and bustling for many years, with its ever growing presence making its way to the forefront of the electronic world. Here at Daily Beat, we believe that staying educated is vital to understanding the current situation of these genres. This week for our artist spotlight, we turn to a man whose been leading the reigns since the beginning. Anthony Fonseca, also known as MONIKKR, has been DJ-ing and producing a variety of genres for almost two decades. Extremely experienced and knowledgeable, we thought he would be a great artist to get to know. Interestingly enough, Monikkr grew his musical roots in rock and metal. After picking up a guitar at age 10, he spent the next era of his career touring Florida and Atlanta with various bands. It wasn't until he immersed himself in the 90s rave scene that he discovered his love for the electronic genre. We sat down with Mr. Fonseca recently, to learn a little bit more about his amazing journey thus far.

Daily Beat: Who are you're biggest influences as a DJ and producer? Who are your current faves?

I'm influenced by so many artists for very different reasons - that's apparent in my catalog and style. But right now I would have to say my favorites are Wuki, Jauz, and AC Slater as far as influences go, both as a DJ and producer.

Daily Beat: Throughout your music experiences, what has been the most memorable as a producer, and as a fan?

Wow, there have been many. As a fan I would say seeing Prince, Metallica, and Skrillex for the first time had a big impact on different periods of my life musically. They all had a big influence on what I was doing at those specific times. As a producer/DJ, it would have to be opening for artists like Dada Life, Bingo Players, and Tiesto. Playing big rooms allows you to bring a different energy that i find intoxicating.

Daily Beat: As somewhat of a music veteran, have you ever considered teaching production and mixing lessons?

Yes, definitely.  As a matter of fact, I'm putting together a web series of quick tips for up and coming producers to use to achieve faster results while in the process of creating tracks.

Daily Beat: What is your personal philosophy on music -- and if there's only thing you want your fans to know, what is it?

Music is about the experience and emotion you get from it. Don't sell yourself short by buying into what the commercial machine is dealing. Dig for it, discover, and feel the music!

Daily Beat: What's your favorite thing about New York City?

The possibilities. 

Daily Beat: Awesome response! Finally, what's the next big thing coming up for Monikkr?

Right now by biggest focus is the NYC Bass Collective, my music label. We'll be releasing records produced by myself, and other artists like Ben Moon, The Beat Kitty, and Kristin Lush. As far as events go, our label's focus is our new Break Beat and Future Bass event called BEAT STREET!


Monikkr will also be playing BangOn!NYC's Elements Festival next weekend in Brooklyn! Check out his latest single, a track called Put Your Hands Up; a collaboration with Kristin Lush featuring the alluring Rose Hart.

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