Night Bass Preview @ Verboten + Interview With Kry Wolf [10.3.14]

September 30, 2014 -

Ashlyn Fulton

Now here's a line up I thought I'd never see at Verboten! This Friday, October 3rd, the popular Brooklyn venue, known for it's deep house and underground acts, brings you one stacked line up that's brimming with bass. On their third stop across North America, AC Slater and Party Like Us Records presents Night Bass Tour featuring the mulit-award winning OWSLA duo, Jack Beats, bass babe, Hannah Wants, AC Slater himself, and this fast-tracking-to-fame Brits, Kry Wolf. Preparing for the tour, and their stop in Brooklyn, we got the chance to chat with Bill & Lewis of Kry Wolf to see what they're most excited about, their outlook on the differences of UK and US bass music scenes, and what's in store for them next!

Daily Beat: How excited are you to tour with Jack Beats, Hannah Wants, and AC Slater?

Very excited as we've been big fans of AC Slater and Jack Beats since the beginning and we're always massively impressed by Hannah's sets, so it's an honor to be involved. It's gonna be emotional.

Daily Beat: What are you looking forward to most on the Night Bass Tour?

I'm most looking forward to seeing more of America and learning how crowds react differently to in other countries. I briefly went to the US earlier this year to play in NYC and at Hard Summer in LA so it's gonna be amazing to see so many cities across the US and Canada. I also want to eat a lot of proper American food and come back a stone heavier.

Daily Beat: What’s the biggest difference in the bass scene in America versus the UK and what's different about the kind of sets you play in each?

I think people in the UK have the impression that you guys like it harder in the US, but I think with a tour like this, people are expecting a UK sound so I don't feel like I'll need to change what I play on the tour. I find that when we just do our thing, the set flows much better than if we try to tailor our sets to a particular crowd.

Daily Beat: What’s the selection process like for artists on your label, Sounds of Sumo?

Well we also co-run Food Music with Shadow Child so we have a lot of music coming our way for the labels. There's nothing particularly different about how we choose music really. If we all like it, it goes out. Simple as that really. I think we generally release tracks that have a certain character to them or something quirky about production, as you can probably hear from previous releases.

Daily Beat: If you could add one person to your group, who would it be and why?

I'd like to take my mate Luke, because he's funny

Daily Beat: Tell us about a time you cried wolf.

I'm actually crying right now, with excitement for the tour.

Daily Beat: What’s one track that you’re proud of that people might not know about?

We've just finished a remix for a good friend. You might be able to guess who. Not sure I can talk about it yet but I'm very proud of it because it's a very different vibe for us and it seems to work very well when we play it.

Daily Beat: What’s next for you guys?

We have a compilation coming out which we've put together for our label Food Music which is gonna have some great music on it from the Food family and some artists you probably won't have heard of. There's also gonna be a couple of tracks on there from ourselves. We're also doing a Food Music tour with the Food family starting in mid October which is going to be amazing. Other than that we have two originals coming very soon which I sent off to be mastered today, and another remix.

You can purchase your tickets for Friday's show here and check out the full schedule below to see when Night Bass is coming to a town near you!

Kry Wolf created an incredible promo mix to this tour which can be heard below!

Kry Wolf

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