New York's Hottest New Party is "Something Different"

May 28, 2014 -


The past weekend I decided to do something different, by going to a party literally called Something Different - an event built by artists for attendees to broaden their minds, connect, network and party with one another. As their motto exclaims "Something Different IS a party, But NOT like any you’ve been to before. Something Different IS a surprise, But NOT the kind you were expecting. Something Different IS frightening, confusing and sexual; And is NOT for the closed-minded." These ambitious claims tied to an open bar stocked with Brooklyn Brewery and Freixenet were more than enough to pique my interest.

My party and I enter the Rox Gallery on Delancey; tonights venue for Something Different. I'm greeted with a complimentary bottle of champagne (a fantastic touch) and the sounds of Mr. Reed. I ignore the surrounding art installations and deconstructed root beer float samplings to catch the end of Mr. Reed's act. A soulful jazzy funk spectacle is displayed as the moving Reed belts soliloquies to his orchestra of guitarists, violinists, saxophonists and more.

 A fantastic warm up that ends on a mellow note, sending us off to restock at the bar and engage with the art    

We make our way to the basement of the Rox to which we encounter an interactive, indescribable presentation by Wild Torus.

  Definitely something different, and something none of us will forget.

We head back upstairs where I bump into an old fling, a long lost middle school friend, and an old university classmate - each from different classes and walks of life. What is this melting pot I've participated in, so underground yet so open? And why is the open bar not tapped out yet. I grab another Brooklyn Lager and head downstairs to catch Cakes Da Killa.


(Cakes Da Killa)

The room is packed, sweaty, and stimulated as two half-naked men dance in sync by the side of a very queer rapper. Cakes commands complete authority, spitting homo-erotic verses as his bimbos dance in unison to a beaming crowd.


"I figured if you don't know who I was you done know who I am now," shouts the exuberant Cakes.

If you had asked me to check out a LGBT rapper any other night, I probably would've declined; but Cakes' unlikely, and inspiring performance is now branded in my head, and for all the right reasons. Something Different clearly knows what they're doing. You see, Cakes Da Killa's outlandish presentation is just one of the many divergent productions within Something Different's audio-visual cocktail.

The party continues with the crowd in full form for Max August's DJ set. Everything from ghetto house to deep to tech was mixed. A varied selection, and the ideal soundtrack to bounce off the walls to; or just simply run around to in the extrasensory labyrinth the Rox became for the night…or at least until 2AM, when the music stopped, lights came on, and last call was announced.

max(Max August)

A perfect execution: with booze flowing from start to finish, an eclectic crowd paired with diverse performances and constant visual stimulation; Something Different masters an ambitious operation. Definitely New York City's hottest new party to look out for.


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