New Rumored “Jauz” EP is Turning Heads

April 25, 2017 -

Daily Beat Staff

In a time where masked identities are seemingly more catchy and easier to latch onto, the current state of dance music has seen quite a few side projects from rumored already established artists.

Today, we have a whole new sound in the form of a brand new EP from HIP$TAR JO!KIL. Who this producer is remains a mystery as of now, but all signs happen to point towards recent EDM star Jauz. Between his monster collaborations with the likes of Netsky and San Holo, there’s almost no reason why he would not be experimenting with new bass sounds.

In an era where we need anonymity to keep things fresh and exciting, this EP is high up on the list of what’s next to come. Will we find out if Sam Vogel is really the mind behind HIP$TAR JO!KIL? Only time will tell…

Check out the H$JK EP on Bandcamp here. All the funds from this album will be going towards a graphic novel series based on this new character, but there will also be a competition. H$JK will be picking 1 lucky grand prize winner to receive $5,000, $1,000 to a runner up, and $100 to 10 people who buy the album as well. The only catch, however, is that he has to meet his sales goal on bandcamp, so support this artist and get this EP to add some fire to your music library (as well as some extra cash)!

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