Myon & Shane 54: Bringing the Soulful and Sexy to Summer

February 22, 2015 -

Daily Beat Staff

On Saturday, the 7th of February, Myon & Shane 54 dropped by Bassmnt in San Diego to bring forth a summer of love, reminding us that summer is a state of mind. The Super Hungarian Bros. -- as I like to call them -- destroyed the venue with their high-energy set. As in, their opening track "Wasting My Young Years," a remix of London Grammar by Maor Levi and Kevin Wild, caused the club's sound system to go dark. Now that's not something you see every day. Full of many familiar sing-a-longs, the set brought the crowd together in cheerful symphony. The duo went on to play their hit "Strangers," featuring the talent of bass-master Seven Lions and the fresh vocals of Tove Lo, and even their Summer of Love Bootleg of Daft Punk's "One More Time," a personal favorite that makes my smiling muscles sore. Before all of this awesomeness went down, we were given the opportunity to speak with them about singing along to instrumental tracks, Jew Harps, and future tracks! For more on all the juicy details, start scrolling.

DB: So what's the story behind the name "Myon & Shane 54?" 

MS54: That's the question that we get all the time.

DB: Oh, really? Aww... sorry, hahaha.

MS54: It's the most general question, but it's cool. It's just two solo artists who came together.

DB: So, it's quite literally "Myon" and "Shane 54." Okay, cool.

DB: Describe your sound in five words or less.

MS54: In five words?

DB: Five words or less.

MS54: *brief pause* orgasmic, sexy, housey, trancey, electro-ish.

DB: Right on. What about 'amazing,' man? What about 'awesome?!'

MS54: Nooo, we can't say that about our own music.

DB: Fair enough.

DB: And at what BPM would you say your heart beats?

MS54: Our heart beat? 100. 95... in the 90's. R&B music.

DB: Alright, cool!

DB: And what instruments do you guys play?

M: I play the keyboard. And a little bit of guitar, but not much. I play as much guitar as he plays the drums.

S54: I play the Jew's Harp.

M: The what?!

S54: I play the Jew's Harp: boyang, boyang, boyang, boyang...

M: Hahaha!!! Kinda like jingle-bells.

S54: No, that's a Jew's Harp! That's what it's called. 'Boyang, boyang, boyang, boyang...'

M: Yeah, that's his favorite. The Jew's Harp.

DB: ...right on. Cool! Well, your mash-ups, as well as your mega-mixes, are a part of my weekly listening schedule.

MS54: Hahahaha.

DB: When's your next Anatomy of a Megamix, guys? I'm waiting for it. I'm listening to one, two, and three, and I'm like, 'Where's number four?'

MS54: There were like five of those, but we stopped making them.

DB: Five of those. What?!

MS54: Everyone's making mash-ups, and all the megamixes are kinda like megamixes. So there's nothing special about them.

DB: ...really? Okay.

MS54: Zero.

DB: Well, that's a bummer.

MS54: It's a bummer, but there's not so much good music anyways. It was easy back then to make a one hour set with a hundred million songs. But now, you can only find thirty songs in a year that you can play live. And, on the other hand, every song sounds the same. So, if you replay the music underneath some vocals, you might end up with the same song.

DB: Hahaha, exactly. So it's almost overdone, then, huh.

DB: So, you guys don't have many purely instrumental tracks--

MS54: Many... we have like two or three: "International Departures," "Futuristic"...

DB: Don't get me wrong, those are classics. But recently, it's been more vocal-driven. Right?

MS54: Yeah...

DB: So, why is that?

MS54: We always liked vocal songs!

DB: They're more fun, right? Sing-a-longs: they get the crowd together.

MS54: You can't sing an instrumental tra -- actually, you can. You can sing the rhythm and melody.

DB: You can sing to an instrumental track, haha.

MS54: But very few tracks, like... *starts singing the melody of Ferry Corsten's "Punk"* We've had plenty of people singing along to that at our shows.

DB: Hahaha. You have great taste.

DB: Last night at The Forum in LA, Above & Beyond put "SUMMER IS A STATE OF MIND" on the backdrop LED screen. 

MS54: Yeah, they basically stole from us and Armin.

DB: ...basically.

MS54: 'Summer of Love' and 'A State of Trance.'

DB: Exactly.

MS54: They just put 'mind' at the end.

DB: Hahahaha.

DB: Describe for us what summer means to you. 

MS54: Finally, I don't have to deal with the cold. I don't even know, it means we're on tour.

DB: Summer of Love, maybe?

MS54: Girls with less clothes on.

DB: Girls with -- ayee. Especially in California, that's a good time.

MS54: Especially everywhere, haha. And clothes with more girls on.

DB: Right on, hahaha.

DB: Who on Anjunabeats would you collaborate with, and why?

MS54: Above & Beyond.

DB: Yeah? What would they bring to the table that you couldn't?

MS54: Their musicality, song-writing, everything. Above & Beyond are the best song-writers in EDM.

DB: I would agree.

MS54: So, what can they possibly bring to the table? Everything.

DB: They could bring Tony to the table and that would perfect, huh?

MS54: No, you have to have everybody...

DB: ...of course, you have to have Paavo and Jono.

MS54: And Bayer!

DB: Because that way it wouldn't truly be Above & Beyond, right?

MS54: Mhm.

"Playing Above the Noise": Above & Beyond (from left to right: Paavo, Tony, and Jono).

DB: So, aside from the "Summer of Love -- EP" and "Strangers -- Single," what should fans expect from your shows? Do you guys have any fresh IDs coming out tonight, or what?

MS54: The problem is that the new songs are much slower than what we play, so we cannot really test them in this environment.

DB: Oh, wow. It wouldn't fit the club setting, huh?

MS54: Hahaha, we have to figure something out, or get someone to remix them!

DB: So it's almost like "Summer of Love." A bit slower than usual... ish.

MS54: It's not the tempo that is slower, but rather the vibe. They're not club tracks -- no big-room. The energy of the song is more oriented towards feeling good, dancing, and grooving out.

DB: Precisely. It has more soul to it, more vocals, stuff like that.

MS54: Yeah. It's more song-writing stuff than clubby, bass-drum-driven sounds.

DB: And do you work the with the vocalist when writing the lyrics?

MS54: Yeah, of course. It also depends, because sometimes you get an awesome acapella. Strangers was very easy; Tove Lo sent us an acapella and it was the demo-take. She told us, 'What do you think about this?' We tried to make her re-sing the song, but it wasn't the same.

DB: I suppose everything happens for a reason, huh?

DB: What would you say is the largest issue in the world today? And if you could change anything with the snap of a finger, what would it be?

MS54: Starving. Too many poor people. And our government in Hungary. I would definitely change that.

Well, there you have it. And, remember: summer is a state of mind. So brighten your winter whines by listening to their Anatomy of a Megamixes! I promise you'll be in for a treat that tastes and feels like summer.

Help Myon & Shane 54's finger snap come true by donating canned foods to your local food shelter. The information you need should only be a Google search away, and the first step is provided for you in the previous hyperlink. Shout-out to the Pi-Xi Chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon at the University of California, San Diego for throwing an event today to collect canned foods for underprivileged families in the San Diego County area!


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