January 23, 2014 -

David Vaux

Miley Cyrus was arrested for DUI early Thursday morning and she came in like a wrecking ball -- cops say Miley was 'white-girl wasted', resisted arrest and EVEN GAVE A FAKE ID with the name of international superstar and teen heartthrob, JUSTIN BIEBER -- Daily Beat has learned.

Law enforcement tells us that Cyrus was busted in Miami Beach for a DUI, but it didn't end there... she was also busted for resisting arrest without violence, and using a FAKE ID!



Police immediately questioned and interrogated Miley for the fake ID and asked her for her real name, but Miley was confident with her answer, constantly yelling, "I AM JUSTIN BIEBER! WHY DOESNT ANYONE BELIEB ME!?"

Local officials finally gave up with questioning due to Miley continuing to lie to Police and took her to county jail immediately.

Officer Lloyd told us, "I just don't get the youth of America these days. They drink and drive, do drugs, use clearly fake IDs. What's next? We would have been a little easier on Ms Cyrus but continuing to yell, "I am Justin Bieber!!" was not making it any easier on us. She was clearly intoxicated and was convinced she was someone that she wasn't."


We're told ... Miley blew a .12 and was slurring her words quite often. A trusted source said, "She was swerving all over the road. Not caring about anyone around her. I even heard her playing her own song in her car, how tacky!"

Miley was booked and her bail is $69,000. She also agreed to follow the Judge's Twitter account.

Disclaimer: The above article is created completely in humor and satire and is not meant to reflect true events and occurrences. Daily Beat intends no malice against the mentioned parties, and published these articles in good nature to its fans.


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