Miami Music Week Featured Brand: Nün Bangkok

March 26, 2014 -

Daily Beat Staff

Check out one of our sponsored designers Nün Bangkok! You can see the Daily Beat staff rocking Nün Bangkok pieces in interviews with Doctor P, Firebeatz, and Bassjackers throughout Miami Music Week. Nün Bangkok has put its own twist on minimalistic fashion with cool cuts and breathable fabrics that are perfect for your summer wardrobe.


London educated and Thailand-born fashion blogger, Nün Visitsak, founded Nün Bangkok with her boyfriend Tom Shigeru Stannard in 2013. Their new “biker-chic” collection brings us London’s edgy street style with a feminine slant. Incorporating mesh, leather, and linen, Nün Bangkok has created a versatile line of tough yet sleek dresses, skirts, tops, track pants, and jackets that feel as great as they look. The centerpieces of the collection include the aptly named “Engine Top” and “Engine Dress” that are detailed with unique geometric lines that compliment the figure-this modern and intricate design is signature of the collection along with a neutral color palette of black, white, and blush. The pieces are simultaneously muted and interesting, making them the perfect backdrop to accessorize with statement jewelry and bright handbags.


I recently spoke to Nun about her unique clothing line, here's what she had to say:

DB: Tell me about your fashion background, how did Nun Bankok get started?

Funnily enough, we both don't have 'backgrounds' nor degrees in fashion! But growing up, we both had separate dreams and love for design and clothing. Tom Shigeru Stannard (Co-founder/Creative Director) has a degree in Graphic Design and I, Nün Visitsak (Co-Founder/Fashion Designer) have a degree in Film Production. 

I have always been extremely interested in fashion as a little girl, and always had fun in dreaming about different types of clothes and different types of clothing combinations. But because I grew up in a family of filmmakers, I never thought to pursue fashion. At the same time (but on the opposite side of the world!), Tom and his friends had had a business idea of opening a graphic tee store on London's famous Portobello road, combining Tom's passion for both graphic design and fashion. However, as they grew up and graduated from high school, dreams changed and friends moved away. 

At this time, we both had just joined London College of Communication - University of the Arts London, where we met on our first year. We both completed our separate degrees there and by the time we had graduated, we had both entered the film industry in Thailand (we moved together). I was working as a TV commercial director and Tom as a digital special effects artist. During my 2 years working as a director, I had started blogging my personal style outfits and had good reception from other fashionistas and bloggers on the internet. My fan base started to grow rapidly. I started to quickly realize that my passion did not lie in film directing and I was afraid that the longer I had stayed in the film industry, the harder it would have been for me to leave and start a new career. Paranoid that I wouldn't get to live the life I loved, I quit directing as soon as I had wrapped up my last directing job and I asked Tom if he would be interested in starting a new venture with me by starting our very own fashion brand where we would design our own clothes. He enthusiastically said yes. 

As confused and as new as we were to the fashion industry, we got the ball rolling straight away. I took a short fashion design course whilst Tom started designing our brand logo. We didn't know how things were 'supposed' to work in a fashion brand, but we knew what we wanted to do and we knew what we wanted for our brand, so we just went for it.


DB: What was your inspiration for the newest collection?

Initially, we wanted to create an edgy, 'tough-girl-chic' fashion brand that focuses on light fabrics that is comfortable to wear. So we decided to tackle one of my favourite pieces in fashion, the leather motorbike jacket. Because I live in Thailand, the weather here has never allowed for me to be able to wear leather jackets, so we decided to create a 'non-leather, leather jacket'. This piece of ours looks like a motorbike jacket, but extremely airy and light. The body is made of linen, lined with silk, and the sleeves are made of see-through Italian silk mesh, making this piece very breathable! So from that, we decided to make our very first collection in the theme of 'biker chic'. We spent weeks researching and trying to find a different take on the 'biker' theme. Then I found an image of the motorbike engines and thought that it looked very interesting and intricate. I decided I wanted to base the entire collection on the design of the motorbike engine. Our centerpieces of this collection is our 'Engine Dress' and our 'Engine Top'. The slanted lines one these two pieces are inspired by the motorbike engines, and other than making them very unique pieces, the slanted lines also compliments one's figure by elongating one's body and slimming down one's waistline. From there, we decided to make these slanted panels the main theme of this collection, now seen in our 'Lane Splitter Leggings', 'Lane Splitter Bomber' and 'Burn Out Dress'.

DB: How would you describe the brand aesthetic?

A juxtaposition of Eastern and Western street culture.

DB: Explain how you integrate your personal culture into your line

London street wear tailored for the Asian climate.

DB: Who's your ideal customer/who are you designing for?

We are designers for risk takers! Our centerpieces 'The Engine Dress' and 'The Engine Top' speak for themselves, and the remainder of our collection can be viewed as standalone pieces or can be combined into both a classic or an edgy look!

DB: If Nun Bankok could have a celebrity spokesmodel, who would it be?

Miley Cyrus! Love her or hate her, she knows how to stay in the public eye and keeps herself in the topic of everyone's conversation.

DB: What song do you think epitomizes your personal style?

"The Times They Are a-Changin'" - Bob Dylan

DB: If you could make one trend(past or present) last forever, what would it be?


DB: What do you envision for the future of the brand?

We hope to one day open a store front (it could be anywhere in the world!), it really would be a dream to walk into the store and see all our designs in there!


Keep a look out for Nün and her daring designs! With style and ambition like this, you're bound to see more of her!

-Written by Emily Benziger


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