Must-Read Electronic Culture-Inspired Book 'Love Hertz' Paired With Catchy Soundtrack

April 12, 2022 -

Justin Angle

There's something new and exciting hitting the public consciences. Love Hertz is a book, available in various formats, that takes from modern electronic music culture and makes a relatable story that's all it's own. The concept is dope and really isn't done that often, innovation being a intrinsic aspect connected to these peices of content. Comedy, sci-fi, and romance all make an appearance within the story, the arc at hand with this one being an element that's well-crafted and keeps you locked in to the flow for the long run. Taj Das is the main character, who is a DJ with both love and an electronic music career being a pursuit currently in his life. Things get majestic when his discovery of a mythical sonic frequency changed the trajectory of his journey in life. Utilizing these new found powers, he experiences an explosion of popularity thereafter, able to use this component in his music and thus create gripping hits. With this as the foundation, many ups and downs follow and the story becomes more telling from there.

On top of the book, a soundtrack accompanies the story. 3 artists bring forth 6 tracks that breathe a deeper life into the experience at hand here. There's a bit of something for everyone across the songs, featuring a diverse blend of genres and moods.

This is an eclectic, unique experience that goes beyond what you may normally experience in the world of electronic, dive into the soundtrack below and check out the book here on Amazon.

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