Bottling Up the Electricity of Lightning in a Bottle

May 17, 2019 -

Dani Dallas

Each year, Lightning in a Bottle creates a getaway to all of the guests who choose to join in on the experience. Residing this year in Kern County, the new Buena Vista location proved itself worthy of housing this enchanting affair; and although this year’s edition of Lightning in a Bottle has now come to an end, the magic and wonder that surrounds it lingers in the mind’s and heart’s of its visitors for much longer than its 5 day duration.

Most events are characterized simply by stunning lineups or picturesque locations, however, Lightning in a Bottle not only curates a list of incredible artists from all genres, but also caters its event to the minds, bodies, and souls of its guests. Starting the day with a yoga class or meditation session is just one of the ways guests can choose to start their day at Lightning in a Bottle. With dozens of classes to choose from, all guided by professionals from the yoga community, a moment for zen and clarity is never too hard to find. To satisfy the creatives, LIB also offers opportunities to craft and build. From bracelets, to journals, hats, or paintings, all one needs to do is bring their creative energy to create a masterpiece, and the rest is provided. In addition, and aiming to stimulate the mind, a plethora of workshops and classes are also available to indulge in. Whether attendees want to immerse themselves in the talks of world-renowned experts and visionaries, or they want to take a more active approach with a hands-on learning seminar, there is an activity for everyone to enjoy.


Sprinkled throughout the grounds of the festival were the stages which provided the soundtrack to Lightning in a Bottle. Its three main stages included Thunder, characterized by its colorful, canopied ceiling; to Lightning with its subtle yet entrancing production; and of course the Woogie whose funky design complemented the beats emanating all night from the stage. The music, however, did not stop at these three areas. Waiting to be found were a handful of quirky stages that took on forms ranging from school busses and ice cream trucks to tea shops and theaters. Regardless of the shape, color, size, or location of the stage, people were dancing, laughing, vibing and enjoying the company of those around, regardless of whether they were strangers or friends. On the dance floor, one can truly feel the strong sense of community that is formed inside the boundaries of this event and it is one of the dominating forces behind the beauty and charm of LIB.


It always seems as though the moments we love never seem to last long enough; and while we wish we could quite literally bottle up some of the electricity felt over the course of this event to take home and enjoy later, the memories made alongside so many incredible people (old and new) are the only things we can take back with us (along with maybe a pound of scattered glitter and some mud). After a year such as this one, it is difficult to imagine not returning for many more to come.

Join in the festivities next year and find out why Lightning in a Bottle becomes home to so many each year.

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