Kill Frenzy Talks About His Name and Patience During HARD Summer Interview

August 6, 2014 -

Fadi AbuZaineh

One interview I was looking forward to all weekend was with Ghetto House producer Kill Frenzy, because I knew that a man with such unique sounding music had to be quite the interesting person. I got to hang out in his trailer after his performance for a bit, and here's how our conversation went:

Fadi: How did you get started on the whole producing and DJ'ing gig?

KF: Well I started DJ'ing when I was like 17 or something, and I was just listening to a lot of techno like Dave Clarke, Green Velvet all those guys. I just got really inspired by that music so I had to do it myself. I had to get a dishwashing job just to get money to buy turntables, and I got fired after like two weeks. I really hated it...and I also started to make music a bit after that.

Fadi: So what would you say is your inspiration to keep making music, besides the artists you mentioned earlier.

KF: I think a lot of the inspiration comes from the ghetto house scene. Like DJ Funk, DJ Deeon, DJ Godfather, Disco D, all those guys that make booty music. Like fast 160 BPM, stupid funny vocals, I was really into it and felt like I just had to do it.

Fadi: What do you think of playing at HARD again? Any other big events coming up for you?

KF: I love it man, it's really fun. Every time I come here I play whatever I want and the people like it, it's great! I'm playing Holy Ship next year as well, and going to Detroit for New Years, so that should be fun.

Fadi: What is your goal with music, like do you want to push more boundaries?

KF: I definitely try to make something new...that I feel fits my style. I don't want to make anything that's like the same as other stuff. There has to be this special thing that makes it stand out from the rest. So I think if you hear my stuff, it doesn't really fit in anywhere else. I hope that it's different so people can really recognize my sound.

Fadi: Where did the name Kill Frenzy come from?

KF: I got it from a video game...Grand Theft Auto. When I was a kid and skipped school and played video games, it was fun. It just got stuck in my mind but I never thought 'oh yeah that's gonna be my name.' The first name that I thought I was gonna use was 'Seba De Room Dog' because Felix the House Cat was really big then, and somebody called me that and it was super funny. But I came to my senses and chose Kill Frenzy.

Fadi: If you could go back and give your teenage self any advice, what would you tell yourself?

KF: Be patient, and don't release some of the tracks I released earlier in my career. It's like a book, kinda. You release all this stuff and at the time you think it's the most awesome stuff and you want to get it out there. But if you had like a bit more patience, and you find what you think is really good, you will only bring out the best stuff of yourself and push yourself forward. That's why I love being with Dirtybird, because Claude [Vonstroke] is the hardest guy to please if you want to make music on Dirtybird. He's really particular of what he likes, so you really have to push yourself and make something weird and not the same as everybody else in order to make it on the label. It's really cool and I learned a lot from him and doing it myself, and being my own worst critic.

Fadi: Do you set goals for yourself as a DJ or do you go with the flow?

KF: I take it step by step. I just try to make really good music and have people like it. That's it.


Overall, I had a good time meeting and chatting with Kill Frenzy on Sunday. He had a killer set at the Green Tent as well, and I encourage fans of techno and house music to check his music out, or catch him at an upcoming show!


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