Justin Jay – Static EP

April 29, 2013 -

Finn Lurcott

Now if there's one thing that I can be sure of, its that Dirtybird Records have been very much in control of my life over the last few months. The San Francisco based, tech funk, record company seem to be churning out incredible tune after incredible tune without fail, providing me with almost all the music I need. Before I can continue can I please recommend to any of you who haven't heard any of Dirtybird's releases, to go and do so immediately.

Dirtybird's most recent gem comes to us in the form of Justin Jays new Static EP, which was released just over a week ago.  This 20 year old producer/DJ was influenced by music even during his youth. Justin studied classical piano for a few years before he was lucky enough to experience Daft Punk‘s Discovery at age 8. Justin was also influenced by other artists such as Dave AngelRitchie HawtinUnderworld, and Soulwax.  After winning a DJ contest sponsored by DJ Mag in 2010 (when he was just 17 years old) his name was spread through the dance music industry quickly.  His style oscillates between hip-hop infused dance, groove house, and what was described on Resident Advisor as ‘raunchy tech house‘.  Justin has also produced/recorded two mixed series: Cuts and Mixes & Rock the Diskotek.


The first track on the EP, Static, is a bit of a thumper.  Featuring a funky intro and vocals that sound like whispers in the background, the drop will definitely catch you by surprise as it dumps us into some heavy ground shaking bass. Hear that shattering sound? Yeh its either your car windows or your room windows. I guess it depends where your listening to it. The second and final track on this EP comes in the form of Waves. Waves shows the other side of Justin Jay‘s personality.  Spacey, progressive chords lace this groovy tune along with touches of hip-hop influenced vocals and deep bass.

As a little extra I thought I'd drop you guys a bonus track to complete this writeup. This bonus track comes to you in the form of Joris Delacroix's Symbiose, which I managed to dig out from 2 years ago. It's even coming to you in the form of a free download. Don't worry, we know its a Monday, but we're going to be sorting you out with ALL the music you need to get through the week. Sit back, relax, and enjoy!

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