Johnny Burgos' 'Get Back' Music Video: A Cinematic Dive into Love and Roller Skating

March 30, 2024 -

Justin Angle

Johnny Burgos, hailing from Brooklyn, teams up with the seasoned soul producer Jeremy Page to drop "Get Back," a track that's all heart and soul. This tune is a sneak peek into their upcoming album "All I Ever Wonder," set to hit the shelves on June 7th via LRK Records. "Get Back" dives deep into the emotional whirlpool of a love that's cooled down but still holds the spark of hope for reigniting what was once a fiery connection. The music video, a joint effort by Burgos and Malik Chatman, features Feather Monet and takes us on a roller skating journey through the highs and lows of a couple's love story, all set in the bustling atmosphere of Brooklyn's BKLYN Skates.

The storytelling in "Get Back" aligns flawlessly with the introspective lyrics, mapping the trajectory of a relationship from its blossoming phase to more turbulent times, with roller skating as a vibrant backdrop. This not only adds a layer of cultural richness but also symbolizes the rollercoaster ride that is love. The video's throwback vibe, combined with its modern narrative, brilliantly showcases the collaborative skills of Burgos and Page, who masterfully craft a story that's as compelling visually as it is musically.

Growing up under the influence of his uncle, the percussionist Andre Martinez, Johnny Burgos developed a deep-seated love for the rhythmic styles of salsa and soul, eventually branching into hip-hop production. Drawing from a rich palette of inspirations, from Michael Jackson to OutKast, his music is a celebration of R&B's core, sprinkled with elements of hip-hop, funk, pop, salsa, and reggae. After making waves with his debut and collaborating with notable names, Burgos' latest offering, "Get Back," underscores his distinctive style and artistic depth, setting the stage for an eagerly awaited sophomore album.


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