John Christian & Jacky Greco "Hit 'M Like This"

December 9, 2015 -

Bradley J. Callison

John Christian and Freeway Recordings are off to a hot start and have released their 3rd track in just a 5 week span since the launch of Christian's imprint. "Hit 'M Like This" is a collaboration between John Christian and Jacky Greco and has a heavy Industrial Electro feel. The production exudes pure raw energy and features a classic Industrial Electro structure. The second drop is where everything comes together. "Hit 'M Like This" is a fresh new take on Electro and so far is being received rather nicely. A feeling of triumph and a sense of accomplishment are the themes of the track and they are conveyed in a way that gives you reaffirmation of achieving your goal. I had the opportunity to interview to ask both John and Jacky some questions regarding the production, future plans and a look back at 2015.

Freeway Recordings is the newest venture for John Christian, as he continues to shape the industry in more ways than one. Freeway Recordings not only releases new music, but also serves as a way to help get new talented artists into the spotlight. And with such a legend as Christian at the helm, Freeway Recordings could potentially become a new hub of up and coming music and artists. With much to look forward to in 2016, Freeway Recordings and John Christian are sure to be at the front of the pack leading the way.


John Christian:

DB: So how has the launch of Freeway been going so far?

JC: I'm very satisfied by the overwhelming reactions and the support so far. The first release 'Brothers' already charted at the Beatport progressive house chart and it is up for the Dutch top 40 as we speak.

DB: How did Jacky get your attention for the collaboration?

JC: Jacky approached me by sending me some really good ideas to make an electro house track that could be very unique. He is really a guy with great ideas and so I got enthusiastic and said: 'let's go for it'.

DB: How was the collaboration/production process working with Jacky?

JC: We teamed up in a great studio in Milan, Art & Music Recordings. We locked ourselves up for 3 days to put all the ideas together. The nice atmosphere in the studio and especially the red wines we had present were really inspiring. After all the ideas were put down I took the material back to my own studio and finished the track together with Jacky through Skype.

DB: What has been the biggest thing you've learned from this year?

JC: The biggest thing this year was to start Freeway Recordings. I was dreaming about it for almost 3 years now and what I have learned once again is to follow my own feelings and just to do the things that pop up in my head.

DB: What are your goals for 2016?

JC: Well I have a lot but I really want to release a lot of music through Freeway and to make the label relevant in the scene. Also I am aiming to play at nice festivals and clubs.



Jacky Greco:

DB: How was this project different from those done in the past?

JG: Hit 'M Like This is my first international collaboration. I had the opportunity to meet John in Milan, and we spent 3 amazing days in the studio where all the magic happened. It was an special connection and an amazing workflow.

DB: What inspired you to undergo this project with John?

I heard so many good things about John and decided to contact him. He asked me about my music, I sent him some stuff. I was that lucky, that he liked my work, and we decided to catch up in Milan, where he was about to go for some other projects. So once there, we gave it the try and it worked great!

DB: What was the most important thing you learned this year in the music industry?

JG: The industry is running really fast nowadays, very competitive. The best you can do as an artist is always being focus on your goal and persistent. Working constantly on new music, good releases, outstanding performances and communicating daily with your supporters and followers.

DB: Where do you see the state of electronic dance music going in 2016?

JG: I think that the pick of EDM in Europe and US was the last year, and that now of course, still a big market there, but the biggest core is going to be Asia. There it is getting very popular at this moment.

DB: What are your goals for 2016?

JG: After this collaboration with John Christian I am going to release 3 tracks with Sony. I presented the demos the last month and they directly signed them, it made me very happy! I hope it is a good signal and brings good things for 2016 🙂



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