Jaison's Beats & Eats 007

March 5, 2014 -


Hope you brought you're appetite with you, cause we're just about to scarf down another issue of Beats and Eats, where your favorite hip-hop joints get paired up with a favorite food. This week on Beats & Eats, we're digging in to a more recent figure in the game, but it's someone who, in my personal opinion, is very deserving. The tasty album this week:

ActionBronsonDrLecterAction Bronson's Dr. Lecter

That's right, it's the Bronsolino himself. Released in 2011 Dr. Lecter is the Queens rapper's debut album. With his constant in-your-face kind of New York flow over high energy breakbeats, Dr. Lecterwhich is named after the cannibalistic psychiatrist murderer Hannibal Lecter from Silence of the Lambs and its prequels is just plain fun to listen to. If there's any rapper that deserves his own pairing of beat to eat it's Bronson, having been an actual gourmet sous chef in the past himself.

This should be evident from practically any track off the tape as he describes vivid imagery of food and sex in many of his rhymes (e.x. "From philly cheesesteaks, lobsters on the barbeque / I’m getting twisted eating chicken with a prostitute"). Just listening to his tracks will get your mouth watering. This subject matter obviously sets our standards high for our pairing doesn't it? Something with protein...

The Bronson Burger

What's more appropriate for Bronsolino than one of his very own recipes? Enter: The Bronson Burger. He's even courteous enough to teach you how to make it.

...and remember , with the bun, always without seeds.

"You don't want seeds if you a party animal. Seeds hold you down" -Action Bronson


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